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Lace Cravats For The Discerning Gentleman

Updated on December 7, 2009

If you're a man wishing to reclaim lace, why not indulge yourself with a lace cravat? Once all the rage among Regency gentleman, a lace cravat can be worn without drawing accusations of femininity, and many women, the type of women who lap up Regency romance novels, will absolutely swoon for a man who shows that he can wear lace and stockings with style.

How does one wear a lace cravat? Well, it will work well with a suitably tailored suit jacket or blazer.  It may be difficult to find a suit that can fully support the sheer magnificence that is a lace cravat, however a lace cravat may work very well with a blazer and a kilt if you're willing to forgo bifurcated pantaloons for the evening.  The cravat is designed to loop around the neck, and is usually fastened at the back. The front of the cravat is comprised of rolling frills of lace that cascade down from the wearer's neck to a point somewhere near the bottom of the sternum.

Wearing lace cravats is not only a great way to reclaim the male permutation of fashion lace, but it is also a great way to get the ladies. Why? Well, it won't get all the ladies of course, the silly, snotty little twerps who don't even know what they're looking at might not be pleased, but those aren't the ladies you're looking for. No, you're looking for women of sensibility who appreciate good taste.

As mentioned earlier, women who have a thing for the Regency period will adore a man in a lace cravat, however so will women with an interest in history, including saucy wenches who enjoy amusing themselves at Renaissance fairs and the like.

Wearing a lace cravat automatically weeds out the sort of women you would never have been happy with anyway and draws the sweet, smart, intelligent and quirky women to you like moths to a flame.

Where can one purchase lace cravats? Well, Ebay is not a bad place to start. It tends to be reasonably priced and it carries a great deal of specialty goods in its virtual inventory. Alternatively, retailers who sell products designed for historical re-enactments, renaissance fairs and theatrical productions are all highly likely to have at least one style of lace cravat on hand.

The lace cravat is not a piece of neck wear for the man frail of conviction, no, it is a garment designed to celebrate and enhance the male glory. Male fashion need not decline into dull drab penguin suits, all it takes is a little jaunt into historical fashions to find truly gorgeous and magnificent items of menswear.


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    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      11 years ago

      A fabric store is a good start :)

    • profile image

      Mad L 

      11 years ago

      This be all fine 'n dandy fer sure, but where might one find a length o' lace suitable fer a Cravat? I have been seeking some for some time now but with no avail.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Thanks for the hub Hope. I think its just horrid how lace and frills have been thwarted from "normal" menswear. Keep up the good work.


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