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Luxury Lace Textured Tights

Updated on April 12, 2011

Lace is so in right now. Really. It is in. Models are traipsing up and down catwalks wearing lace blouses and lace skirts and lace pants, but lets face it, not all of us have the luxury of working on several feet of plywood. Some of us have to attend places of work where productivity would be severely impacted if we showed up in largely see through clothing.

So we must make do with lace tights, which allow us to make a nod at contemporary fashion without being indecent, immodest or unemployed. Besides, why wear traditional tights anyway?

Let's do something different when it comes to tights! Lets not make them out of things that cover your legs up and hide them away. Let's make it so that the tights are entirely ornamental, serving no other purpose apart from making people take a double take when you walk on by.

The tights pictured first in this listing of textured tights were designed and made in Italy, where they've had thousands of years to perfect making women's legs look good. They're also sold on Stocking Girl, where you can buy them. You are allowed to wear these tights without oversized wooden bangles and tiny tube tops, which for most of us is no small blessing. The white high heels and pink polka dot skirt can stay though, as can the head wear, apparently the love child of a 1920's flapper and a turban.

The white lace tights are made by Jonathan Aston, a well respected producer of hosiery. I don't have that much to say about them because they are pristine white and pretty and would probably remain that way for about five minutes if you're a normal human being.

If overpriced Italian lace tights and bridal style white lace tights don't sit well with you, how about these wild purple lace tights? They come without feet, which means not only do you have to provide your own feet, they won't be covered when you wear these purple tights. They're by Chloe. This information may or may not prove useful to you in your search for them.

I'm going to round this collection of tights off with these stirrup tights. Black lace stirrup tights. Personally I associate stirrup anythings with a particularly dark period in the mid to late 80's when track pants came with stirrups and then I had to wear them because my mother bought them and they were the most wildly irritating things I'd ever put on. But don't let my childhood fashion trauma put you off these pretties, it will probably feel good to have your stockings anchored desperately to the instep of  your foot.


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