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Lace Up Boots – Buy A Pair Of Lace Up Ankle Boots

Updated on March 16, 2010
Lace up boot - Timberland Vintage lace up ankle boot
Lace up boot - Timberland Vintage lace up ankle boot

Find The Perfect Lace Up Boot

There are lots of different styles of lace up boots currently available.

All you have to do is to decide on a few things. Would you like a pair of knee high lace up boots, would you prefer a pair of lace up ankle boots and are you looking for boots with a heel?

Whatever you decide, you will find that there is a wealth of choice and options.

Here are just a few of the type of lace up ankle boots that you can buy today from

Lace Up Ankle Boots

Timberland Women's Crispin Mid Vintage Lace-Up Boot

This is a very good quality lace up ankle boot from Timberland. They are known for producing high quality footwear and these boots are no exception.

They are made from water-resistant leather that is soft against the foot so you will not suffer any discomfort at all.

These platform boots have a heel that measures 3 ¼ inches. This is a good height so that you will be able to walk with comfort assured.

This is further guaranteed due to the quality lining and footbed which have been made to cushion the feet and absorb any excess moisture.

Victorian style lace up ankle boot
Victorian style lace up ankle boot

Vintage Lace Up Ankle Boots

Victorian Leather and Lace Wedding Boot

If you are looking for a special pair of ankle boots that are reminiscent of times gone buy, you could purchase this pair of Victorian leather lace wedding boot.

These boots would be perfect for a woman who is seeking to create a Victorian style wedding for her special day.

These boots have 2 ¾ inch heel so they will be comfortable to wear and are also very sturdy.

If you have a different occasion in mind, you may be interested in purchasing these boots in the other available colours which are black or ivory.

Lace up ankle boot with flat heel
Lace up ankle boot with flat heel

Lace Up Ankle Boot With Flat Heel

This is a perfect example of a pair of lace up ankle boots for women who do not like to wear heels or just feel like something a little different.

The Minnetonka Women's Tramper Ankle Hi Boot is a sort of moccasin boot. They are made from suede and have a rubber sole which makes for good traction.

The detailing of these boots includes the fringing that goes around the top of each boot as well as the embroidery on the edge of the boot.

They are available to buy in black, brown and tan. If you are looking for a comfortable shoe that is nice and flat this could be a very suitable choice to make.


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