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Lack of Sleep Equals Love Handles?

Updated on February 6, 2012

Learn The Way to Handle Them!

They may be called those nasty little buggers that seem to creep up inside your shirts making them tighter. Yes, you’ve guessed it; it is the infamous love handles. As much as they sound all romantic, this is definitely one look you wouldn’t want to embrace. Fat which accumulates in unflattering fashion on your abdominal area definitely takes away the shape and definition of your form. Some may say you’re cute or squishy for those who just like to annoy you, but aside from the outward changes, love handles can also signal health risks.

Research found out that the formation of love handles is linked to lack of sleep aside from other common causes such as poor food choices and lack of exercise.

In our environment and the lifestyle we are adopting nowadays this incidence will be highly likely to happen. Sometimes the stress you get from too much work causes you to binge. The problem here is that most people easily finds comfort in junk foods or those that are high in cholesterol. Somehow you find more satisfaction when eating a burger compared to munching a carrot or a stalk of celery when you’re stressed. So that alone predisposes you to increased fat accumulation in your system.

Then again most of us also fall victim to the lazy bug, causing us to sit it out and watch TV instead of sweating it out in the gym or by running a few miles a day. Therefore we lose our chances in burning the extra calories. As a result, we build up fats on our mid portion.

A study done by researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that lack of sleep contributes to the middle age spread in men. In a separate study done in Wake Forest University School of Medicine, it proved that sleep deprivation or the extreme opposite can cause increased fat accumulation especially among women in minority groups.

Aside from the love handles these sleep-deprived individuals also make themselves prone to metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Because not only will fats accumulate in the subcutaneous area, they will also soon build up around vital organs. Aside from that, these individuals will also be at risk for stroke or other cardiac problems.

Since now we know that there is a relationship between your sleeping pattern and fat accumulation/love handles, you now know better how to manage it.

You really don’t have to look far and wide in finding a love handle miracle. For all you know what you may actually need is just a good night’s rest. Experts suggest that people should have at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. However going overboard with sleeping can also cause the same problems. Therefore keep your activities in moderation if you want to battle the bulge.

So if you add this up and factor in lack of sleep, you have the perfect cocktail for love handles. In cases where love handles seem to be quite hard to get rid of, other more invasive treatments such as liposuction around the stomach area will definitely give a firmer and tone physique.

Tips from Sarah Dussault


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