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Large Band Size, Small Cup Size | How To Find A Bra For a Big Man

Updated on October 16, 2009

Recently I have received some correspondence and comments from men looking for bras which fit them. The dilemma is simple, if the cup size fits, the band size is too small, and if the band size fits, then the cups are too large. Bra extenders alleviate the problem somewhat, but they also put the straps in a different position, which means they sometimes don't fit the way they should.

This is quite a dilemma for a man who loves bras but just can't find one to fit. Fortunately, there are bras out there that will fit, you just have to know what you're looking for.

First things first though, I recommend you get measured professionally for a bra. Plenty of men have remarked in the comments that they have been fitted for bras in various stores without so much as a raised eyebrow. Find a store you feel comfortable in, then just ask, it will save a great deal of trouble and error in measuring yourself.

Assuming you know your bra size, lets proceed from there. There are lingerie lines which go all the way up to a 52 B, though admittedly, the larger your band size and the smaller your cup size, the more the available range of brassieres shrinks.

Without further ado, let us explore some options for the larger set. Please note that all prices are included as a guide only, and are in USD.

Leading Lady

Leading lady makes a range of brassieres which cater to men and women who don't fit into the traditional 34 C mold, and they are very reasonably priced. One can obtain a 52 B bra in this range for just $18.00. The brassiere pictured is the Zig Zag Weave Leisure Bra.


Another brand catering for larger ladies and lads is Anita. Anita makes more feminine bras than Leading Lady, so you will be able to enjoy the sensual touch of lace. This comes at a price however, the pictured brassiere, the TopComfort Soft Cup Bra goes all the way up to a 50 A, and retails at around $92.00


Goddess bras run up to 56 B, and the pictured brassiere, the Soft Touch, has an interesting shape, extending down the rib cage for added support. This brassiere also features delicate crepe and embroidery for a soft feminine look you'll love. This bra is quite reasonably priced at $34.00


Running all the way up to 54 B, Elila makes sweet bras for the larger set. The embroidered soft cup microfiber bra pictured is certain to feel amazing against the skin and look great too. Elila brassieres are designed for the comfort of the wearer and include features such as lowered underarm bands, which mean no part of the band will end up digging in under your armpit. Comfort doesn't come at the price of aesthetics though, and most Elila brassieres feature intricate and decidedly feminine embroidery.Elila is also very reasonably priced at around $35.00


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    • profile image

      michael 8 years ago

      there is no better pleasure than comeing home from work & slipping into a great fitting bra & panties. iam a large size 46a And bras are hard to find i just brought a couple of leading lady they are great. i also have many of the glamorise A\b i love these .the sad part is glamorise droped the 1810 A\B style . so guys if you want to buy better hurry

    • profile image

      Bashful 8 years ago

      My favorite is the Leading Lady Microfiber Underwire from It comes in an A cup that fits very nicely.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Nice, thanks for the additional tips, Gone Nylon.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Nice, thanks for the additional tips, Gone Nylon.

    • profile image

      GoneNylon 8 years ago

      One other company, too, Hope. Glamorise makes a range of bras that actually fit men with man-sized chests, but smaller cup sizes. Their sizes run in A cups well into the 50+ band size. Mostly natural cups, and still no fun colors, but they FIT, and there's really no overstating the joy of having a bra that fits comfortably and doesn't pucker or bind.

      Leading Lady and Glamorise are the two brands I tend to purchase most often. Leading Lady offers a t-shirt bra that's as stealthy as you've mentioned in other hubs. Glamorise's bras tend to be quite lacy, so the male wearer should take this into account.