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Where To Buy Large Womens Shoes For Men

Updated on April 7, 2010

If you happen to be a man who likes wearing women's shoes, you'll already be aware of the problems surrounding finding shoes in a size that fits you. Most women have smaller feet than men, and if you happen to be a particularly tall man, then you're going to have even more problems finding pretty pumps, high heels and flats to suit your outfits.

The first step to knowing how to find women's shoes that will fit is knowing what size you take in women's shoes. In their infinite wisdom, the shoe industry has decided that one sizing system would be far too simple and that it is best to have different sizing systems for men and women.

The chart below will help you convert your shoe size from the male system to the female system.

Now you know what size you need, you're in a position to start actually searching for shoes that fit.

The average male shoe size is around a 9.5, however there is plenty of variance to be found between individuals. That means that most men are looking at a women's size 12 or above. The problem there is that the average shoe size for women is around a 8.5. That means men are quite often shopping in a small shoe pool to begin with. As a woman who takes a women's 9.5, I occasionally have trouble finding 'pretty' shoes in that size, and the problem only becomes more pronounced the further you go along the shoe size continuum.

Fortunately there are places where women with larger feet are able to shop for shoes. I've compiled a list here for your shopping and shoe attaining pleasure.

A  popular commercial site for ladies with large feet. All sorts of shoes here, including ones you'd probably never be caught dead in on account of the fact that they look a little as if they were woven together from the skins of freshly killed fuzzy animals. Not a bad site if you are looking for women's shoes that will blend into everyday outfits or safaris.

A site selling only large women's shoes in the 14, 15 and 16 range. A real gem for men looking for 'real' women's shoes, not shoes for drag performances. They have a lovely large range of dress shoes, shoes that look pretty but aren't too over the top. I would highly recommend paying this site a visit if you are in the market for a pretty big pair of women's shoes.

Another website selling large women's shoes of all kinds. Whether you want large women's shoes for the purposes of hiking or lounging around the house, or for skipping off to perform a hearty reindition of 'I will survive', Around Twelve has a range that delivers.

Cheerful Conclusion

If you subject yourself to shopping in malls, there is a fairly decent chance that you will find yourself frustrated with a small range of women's shoes in large sizes. Purchasing women's footwear on the Internet, however, opens up whole new ranges of styles


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    • Chris_S profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      Good Hub! Gone are the days of my wearing men's shoes. I now spend all my time in the women's department for shoes and clothing. I'm a small guy so I'm quite lucky when it comes to buying my women's shoes. I wear an 8.5 in womens so I have my pick of pretty styles. I see a lot of size charts on the web stating that mens and womens sizes are either 2 sizes or 1.5 sizes apart. In my own experience, this is not the case. I wear only a 1 size difference between mens and womens sizes. I wear a 7.5 in mens, 8.5 in womens. I'm referring to U.S. sizes here. Womens size 9 is too big for me in almost all instances. I strongly recommend all men simply go try on their shoes at a shoe store. Trust me, you'll get over your ackwardness after a few times and it will become second nature. Hardly anyone pays attention to what you're trying on. It may "feel" like everyone is looking at you but most people are just minding their own business. I've made friends with several wonderful female employees where I go and they are very helpful. And the female shoppers are very quick to help me as well or give me compliments. What a great experience!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good info... thank you..

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the info, Hope. I just consulted websites of local shoe stores. You are right. Frustrating. However, my preference is to try on shoes before I buy. I may be doomed because I need a women's size 13--or so--depending on how the shoe is put together. I do not relish the trouble of dealing with usps or ups or fedex and shuttling packages of shoes that do not fit.

      It is interesting that department stores that also do a large catalogue business do not offer larger sizes.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for sharing that information, Hope.

      It's really helpful ;)


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