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Laser Hair Removal4U

Updated on September 18, 2012

Great Advancements in Laser Hair Removal Achieved!

Getting Laser hair Removal Can Save Tons of Your Precious Time

Can you picture a life where you no longer have to spend hours every week shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair? Permanent hair removal is offered at dermatology offices as well as laser clinics that offer cosmetic services and procedures.

It may not be perfected yet but some people are lucky to never have a recurrence of hair growth after completing treatment. But for many a touch up appointment is required every year or so which is a vast improvement over routine shaving. It’s a minor inconvenience considering that when the hair grows back it is lighter in color and less dense than the original traits that area had. This is still a huge time saver and convenient cosmetic process.

The biggest obstacle is the cost of laser hair removal. The pricing is dependent on the area you live in but in general treatments can range from $150 - $750 per session. Multiple sessions are always required but each case should be evaluated on an individual basis. Everyone is unique and different leading to an individual consultation to determine the approach to take. This is how the technician is able to determine the final cost based on the estimate of sessions required.

Check out How Laser Hair Removal Works

Underarm Hair Removal

Imagine never having to shave your underarms again! Wouldn’t that be great!

Fortunately, this area is small in size with usually covered with just a sparse amount of hair. This equals savings for you when it comes to the price for underarm hair removal.

The sessions are short and it is likely to require only 3-4 sessions. If you have never received laser treatment before this is a good procedure to get your feet wet.

I would not recommend jumping into leg hair removal or other body choice that covers a large surface. You’ll want to get familiar with the discomfort before committing to anything big.

Underarm Hair Removal with Laser

Leg Hair and Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Can you picture all the time you could save if you gave up daily leg shaving for laser removal?

Most women shave their legs. If it’s summer and you are partial to wearing skirts or shorts, then you’re probably shaving daily. How nice would it be to forgo the routine and not worry about it on vacations, not give it a second thought when camping – there are so many advantages.

Shaving our legs is the number one time grabber as far as shaving goes. Underarms are pretty quick and easy although also an excellent candidate for laser hair removal. Permanent leg hair removal is a real time saver.

Then there’s the nick and scar factor. Although razors have come a long way from when women used their father’s of husband’s double bladed shaver. You could cause nicks deep enough to scar. I speak from experience here.

And what about when you’re trying to get ready for a night out and you nick yourself and find yourself bleeding for what seems like days. You’re rushing but yet trying to get the bleeding to stop and also keep from staining your rug…..those days can be a thing of the past.

No more carting all your shaving paraphernalia. Our shaving items can hog a large section of our precious luggage space.

Getting Rid of Facial Hair with Laser is Best

Are you living in fear that your facial hair will be easy to spot? Do you diligently keep your facial hair under wraps by bleaching, waxing, or even shaving?

One of the problems with treating hair in this area is the skin is more apt to be sensitive. Most methods provide only you with only a temporary fix.

Typical Methods of Removing Facial Hair

Shaving is probably the most common. This would have to be practiced daily to remove all traces of hair. This method is probably the most popular because it’s the cheapest. The problem is the required commitment to the daily ritual.

Waxing is the second most popular method of removing facial hair. One of the benefits is the results will last longer than shaving can accomplish. It is still a temporary approach and must be redone every couple of weeks and perhaps more frequently depending on your body hair and how quickly it grows in. It’s also a very uncomfortable feeling. Hot wax is applied and then the hair is quickly ripped out. The area is likely to be red for a few minutes following the wax treatment.

Laser Works Great for Facial Hair Laser Removal

The key ingredient to successful treatment is finding a reputable laser clinic or dermatologist. The biggest risk involved with facial hair laser removal is burning and scarring. This is almost always due to the skills or lack of skills of the technician conducting the treatment.

To have the best chance of having successful treatment make sure you research the reputation and background of the medical office first.

Why Stress About Bikini Hair Any More?

Most of us go through the tedious task of shaving our pubic area on a regular basis. Some women prefer to maintain the area in this way yearlong while others do it during the summer months to avoid a wardrobe malfunction embarrassment.

I’m talking about those times when you find that you have an errant stray pubic hair showing out of your bathing suit bottom or short shorts. The women that prefer the clean shaven look year round would really enjoy the numerous benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal. No more daily shaving or worries. It’s a difficult area to reach and inspect which is another reason laser is more advantageous.

Some women prefer to keep some hair behind and your wishes should be expressed in detail to the technician working with you.

Another benefit of laser over shaving is the absence of shaving bumps and possible razor nicks! Ouch!

Another option that some women have used quite a bit with success is bikini waxing. During the process you have hot wax applied on the area and then a light cloth is placed on top of the wax. Once the wax has a few seconds to cool, the cloth is then ripped away with the wax and your hair attached. Pulled out by the roots. The results normally will last you a few weeks. You’ll be sore and red for a few hours after the procedure but after a while your skin will return to normal. It’s painful and also requires a professional to administer. If you’re going be this serious with hair removal then laser is a more attractive option.

Waxing? Is it Painful?


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