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Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work?

Updated on December 31, 2010
These seem reasonable, no?
These seem reasonable, no?

Are your eyelashes too short? Do you mope about in despair because of your stumpy eye hair?

For many, many years, nay, centuries, women have darkened their lashes in order to make them look more prominent and lengthy. False eyelashes have also been deployed in the ongoing beauty cold war, and have been extremely effective at misleading the general public as to the real length of various women's eye lashes.

But who needs false eyelashes when you might just be able to grow your own eyelashes thicker and longer? That's the promise being made by new eyelash growth serum ranges that claim to be able to stimulate lash growth, resulting in longer, thicker, prettier eye lashes.

The trend began in 2009, when Latisse brought out an FDA approved eyelash serum. The bandwagon trundled into fashion markets by Latisse was quickly jumped upon by a wide range of companies who now hawk eyelash growth products costing between twenty bucks and a hundred and twenty bucks (give or take for fluctuations in local markets and the slavering greed of any particular company at any particular time.

Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work?

This is the real question. Are beauty companies selling product that will change your lashes, if not your life, or are they merely the modern equivalent of snake oil salesmen and women? According to industry spokespeople, eyelash serum really does work, but they would say that. Let's explore the trend a little deeper, shall we? 

The active ingredient in most eyelash growth products is a molecule that prolongs the growth phase of the eyelash and prevents it from falling out quite as soon as it might otherwise do. Doctors seem to agree that it is possible to grow longer lashes and keep them for longer with the addition of molecules like Bimatoprost, so there may be something to these serums after all.

Most eyelash serums also contain moisturising ingredients which make the lashes shinier and more healthy looking. As always in the beauty industry, when in doubt, moisturize. If the beauty industry ever goes belly up, we'll find all the top execs swimming in baths of moisturizing aloe vera, I'll bet my favorite hat on it. 

Eyelash Serum Side Effects

Of course, you can't get gross biological advantages by false means without experiencing a few side effects. Some of the commonly reported side effects associated with using eyelash extending serums include, brown pigmentation of the iris (!) itching, redness and general irritation.

This just in. Slathering your face in chemicals may not be beneficial to your long term health or beauty.



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