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Latest Anti-Ageing Treatment - Dermaplaning For Mature Skin

Updated on June 17, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Never heard of dermaplaning? No, neither had I.

If you are...shall we say, of the more mature variety then you are seriously missing out if you haven't tried this astounding new non-invasive treatment.

Anti-Ageing at Home

It's a luxury for sure, but having a therapist come to your home to treat you is the way to go, as my friend Mel and I found out just last week. I love all things skin-care so when I discovered dermaplaning I was completely ready to give it a go.

We booked Samantha to come to my home in Bath where she had plenty of room to set up her bed (super-comfy too) and organise everything she needed to treat us both. I went first because Mel was late, Mel is always late ;)

What Happens First

Samantha removed my make-up and cleansed my skin. Next came what I thought was going to be the lethal scary part. A surgical blade scratching at my skin? What was I thinking? I needn't have worried. Samantha is a pro and it was completely painless. Actually I found it to be very relaxing, but then I am a bit odd like that. The blade works effortlessly over the skin to remove everything in its path. Aided by a highly qualified therapist of course. I wouldn't suggest you try this at home. It's a salon treatment that should only ever be carried out by a trained professional.

Hair Removal

Oh my word! Seriously, all that dead skin and hair was actually inhabiting my face? It's quite shocking to see it all there in front of you. Satisfying to the max though.

Enzyme Peel

When Samantha had finished removing my hair and dead cells, she applied an enzyme peel to my newly exposed skin.

It felt tingly and was a tiny bit stingy. Sam pointed out that my skin was still coming off in droves at that time too! I should stress that my skin is very dry naturally and I do use retin-a.

I know how effective peels are for anti-aging and I regularly use a glycolic acid peel at home. This non chemical peel however, was amazingly non-irritating and left my skin feeling more soft to the touch than my glycolic peel does. Samatha explained that she has three options when it comes to dermaplaning:

'If you just want the standard treatment without the peel you will still notice a huge difference in the surface of your skin for up to two weeks. The collagen mask option plumps the skin and the enzyme peel takes off the remaining skin cells and gives the skin that extra glow and firm appearance.'

After the enzyme mask was removed Samantha applied a hydrating moisturiser.

She let that soak into my skin and wow! This is when I touched it for the first time and felt what I can only describe as teenage skin. Okay so it didn't look quite that youthful but it really did feel it. Super-soft and glowing it most certainly was.

Next Patient Please

Mel was next and she was a little nervous. She doesn't use any sort of anti-ageing products and she has never had a luxury facial treatment in her life. She questioned Samatha a lot as the treatment progressed.

When it came to the enzyme peel she was worried afterwards as she didn't realise there would be a tingling. I explained why this was and that it would all be worth it in the end.

Mel had a tiny bit of redness on her chin but that disappeared within 20 minutes. She couldn't believe how effective the treatment had been and she even decided to stop using her full coverage foundation in favour of a sheer coverage and more dermaplaning. She is a convert and so it must be said am I.

The Official Word on Dermaplaning

Great for improving fine lines and wrinkles. Can help diminish the appearance of scar tissue and acne scarring.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.

Removing the uppermost layer of skin allows your skin products to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Make up glides on effortlessly, and best of all – INSTANT RESULTS!

For further details visit


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