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How To Make The Most Of Your Frizzy Hair

Updated on May 6, 2012

Many girls inherit a beautiful face and mystifying eyes from their parents. However, all their bearings get disturbed if they carry an eagle’s nest on their head. A bad hairstyle may just ruin your outlook and charisma. Thus, if you have got frizzy hair, it is your fundamental duty to set the matter right and shine through your crowning glory.

Some Interesting Facts About Frizzy Hair

It is not a hairstyle but a condition. Often, your wavy locks get too damp or dry because of existing humidity or the lack of it, and split-ends occur, leading to frizzy hair.The bigger your locks; the more awkward it looks. Thus, if you have an incurable problem at the top, try at least to revel in a crew cut where the frizz won’t be all that visible.It may be corrected in some cases by just drinking lots of water and avoiding oily food. Actually, your hair cells need proper hydration and care.

Some Astounding Fixes For Frizzy Hair

You don’t need to cry your eyes out if your frizzy hair is a big disclaimer for the prom night or other events. You can invest some time in curling it with iron and then straighten it. Regular curling keeps the texture and flow intact. You can also take your locks through occasional hot oil treatment, wherein the scalp gets nourished and in turn, keeps the tip healthy. This often negates split-ends. You can also have a particular haircut to completely forego split ends. Also, remember to dry your hair after shampooing with a typically dry towel. Any moisture there and the effect will vanish. These are some astounding fixes for frizzy hair.

How To Tame Frizzy Hair?

It is not rocket science to tame frizzy hair. Firstly, you have got to be confident and accept the case, as Meg Ryan does. It seems all right with a particular dash of color. However, if you want to reduce the frizz, you can take a few steps. Blow-drying your frizzy hair is an interesting choice. You also have to spend extra time in conditioning it thoroughly that too with natural products. Remember that resorting to chemical agents in the treatment of frizzy hair is the worst decision you can take. To attain that polish and glitter, you can opt for deep spray, pomade or a twat of hair serum. Curls are always invited for such hair, as it gives your locks a typical turn, and when that is straightened via ironing, the frizzes disappear.

A Sensational Hairstyle For Frizzy Hair

If you have got a thick volume of hair, you can go for a vociferous perm session and then boast the frizz. Serena Williams looks great with those. However, it would be wise to settle for a neat bun at the back, with sprays at the top to maintain a solid shine. You can also go for braids to negate frizzy hair. Perhaps the best way would be give your hair a sharp short cut, and make the frizz dissolve.


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    • Monique Brown profile image

      Monique Brown 5 years ago

      thank you for the tips, very helpful, I am currently using a good hair product to avoid the frizz, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which keeps my hair smooth, shiny and frizz less. :D