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Learn How to Take Care of a Tattoo Now

Updated on July 18, 2014
Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Dreamcatcher Tattoo | Source

Nowadays, many people are sporting tattoos in different parts of their body. However, only few of them know how to take care of a tattoo. Majority of people do not care much about their tattoo after getting inked. Because tattoos use permanent ink, there are people who think that these do not fade.

People with tattoos should learn how to take care of their body markings. This is to ensure that tattoos will stay as beautiful as they are for a long time. Do you know that most tattoos that are ignored fade easily? To prevent this, here are some ways on how to take care of a tattoo:

To prevent airborne infections, cover your new tattoo with a bandage

It is best to use a think, absorbent, and non-adhesive kind of bandage. Some tattoo artists will instruct you to leave the bandage on for a day or two. If you want your tattoo to heal faster, then always listen to what your tattooist have to say.

Once you remove the bandage, wash off blood or plasma with lukewarm water

It is important to keep your tattoo dry and clean all the time, especially when it is new. When your tattoo is already dry, apply a little amount of ointment or cream to make it shiny. Do not apply too much ointment/cream as it may only cause bacterial infections.

Avoid soaking your tattoo in water for a couple of weeks

This does not mean that you cannot take a bath. However, swimming in the pool may draw out the ink off your skin. As a result, your new tattoo will fade faster.

Avoid exposing your tattoo to too much sunlight

In order to maintain the color and style of your tattoo, you should apply sun block. This will help prevent discoloration and fading. Applying a lotion or moisturizer will also keep your skin hydrated. This is important because the skin surrounding your tattoo will develop wrinkles when it gets dehydrated. This will ultimately damage your tattoo.

If your tattoo is new, wear loose clothes if possible and avoid working out

Tight-fitting clothes will stick to your skin, potentially causing damage to your tattoo. Exercising, on the other hand, will cause you to produce a lot of sweat. This will make your tattoo wet.

These are just some of the many ways on how to take care of a tattoo. Even before getting inked, make sure that you are knowledgeable of these things. Nonetheless, a professional tattooist will also teach you these.

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