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Leather and Velvet Care Tips

Updated on April 11, 2013

Velvet Clothes

Velvet, the luxe fabric, is suitable for both casual dressing and evening parties. Do bear in mind to keep to one piece at a time as too much velvet can be overkill. When it comes to a black and white affair, go for classic but low-key accessories, for instance, a sleek and slender diamond ring does wonders for your overall outfit. For an edgier look, punk up a velvet dress with fishnet stockings or a pair of booties and no more. Go for a plain white round-neck tee or crisp white shirt with a velvet skirt for a dash of casualness. The only rule while wearing velvet is sobriety!

Velvet Clothes Care Tips

Velvet care tips:

· Always keep in mind that the manufacturer’s label must be read before doing your laundry. Fine velvet with plain weaving must be dry-cleaned. However, others like crushed velvet can be machine washed. If unsure, it’s best to send it to a professional dry cleaner.

· Never iron any velvet piece as it will leave imprints or unnecessary marks on it. To remove the mild creases, turn the garment inside out and Use a steamer to remove them. On the other hand, you may prepare steam-filled bathroom and hang your garments inside.

· Never fold a velvet piece as it will cause the velvet to flatten with creases that are difficult to remove. Store them in dry places to avoid them from humid air that would cause molds to be grown.

· Avoid actions that might flatten the fabric. For instance, if you spill liquid on your dress, do not blot the dress with cloth or tissue paper as this will cause the liquid to be absorbed deeper into the fabric. Instead, shake as much of the liquid off as possible and let this piece dry under the fan.

Satin Clothes Care Tips


Avoid sunlight or heat. Heat and sunlight can affect the fabric’s quality and causes colors to fade. Store your clothes in a cool, covered place instead.


Super-delicate ironing. Place a thin layer of cloth on top of the fabric, set your iron to low or mid-heat and iron as usual. Alternately, choose a lightweight steam iron to gently erase creases.

No heavy wringing. Never wring satins after hand wash no matter how wet it is as it will lose its shape. Instead, use a terry cloth to absorb excess water and air dry in a cool place. Heated dryers are also not allowed in this case.


Blotchy water spots. When dirty water gets to the fabric, chances are it will leave an unsightly spot that no detergent can remove. Instead, gently rub in toothpaste on the spot and rinse it with water.


Leather Care Tips

We all know that the Leather pencil skirts are in trend now!! With them in closet, you will need to learn on how to take care of them. Now here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The first thing that you need to know would be the protective spray. Use them after your leather is completely dry.
  2. After wash, hang them on padded wide hangers to prevent folded lines. Dry them under room temperature and store them in your cupboard.
  3. Never ever put them inside plastic bags!
  4. While ironing leather garments always use low heat with no steam and put a paper bag under the iron.

Which would you prefer? Velvet, Satin or Leather?

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