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Leg Shaving

Updated on July 13, 2010

Let's admit it ladies (and some men to) shaving our legs is a hassle right? I mean I face this dilemma every couple of days or so. Spending the time moisturizing, wetting and shaving my legs. I absolutely hate it. Takes anywhere from 20-30 grueling minutes of your life that you will never get back. And trust me I'm always thinking of things I would rather be doing. But of course we can't walk around like a hairy apes. So of course shaving is a must. But there must be an easier way to go about it right?

I'm a night owl. Comes with the territory of working 3rd shift. So I'm constantly seeing infomercials on the new and improved ways out there of shaving your legs. All the new creams, razors, etc. And trust me, none of it looks any easier than what I'm currently doing to shave these legs.


Above are just three of the "shaving lotions" I've found. Of course these shaving lotions are promoted to be the best of the best. Take for instance the Victoria's Secret Spa Super-moisturizing Soothing Shave Cream (for one that is just to long of a title for a shaving lotion). The site states that the product is to "Smooth and silken with vitamins and botanicals" also boasting that it is the "Secret to Supermodel legs" Also said to "Nourish skin with vitamins b & e and powerful grape-seed oils"

So really if I want smooth, supermodel sexy legs should I just go to my fridge and pull out the ingredients and start shaving? Really just makes me want some fruit. Not by the product.

And I really don't want supermodel legs, I just want the hair gone!


Whomever invented waxing just needs hunted down. I mean what sane woman would want to physically rip hair from their body all in the name of fashion and smooth legs? I mean as much as I hate shaving, I'd rather waste the time than have my hair ripped from my legs.

Some people pay others to do this barbaric practice for them. And others do it themselves at home. I'm sorry but I'm not paying anyone, nor do I have the guts to do it myself.

I'll stick to the conventional shaving thank you very much.

Laser hair removal at home

 And apparently now they have the laser hair removal systems that you can also do from home! What? Really?

I'm not one for waxing, and I'm sure the laser system is probably pretty harmless. But I'm good. No thanks, not for me.

Last year alone 1.4 million laser hair removal procedures were performed by doctors and trained professionals. It is a $10billion a year industry! How crazy is that! The price some people will go to.

A doctors visit can cost anywhere from $100 to $150 per visit. Which could total up to $3,000 for a comprehensive treatment. And that all depends on the surface area.


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