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Lessons From Pierre Cardin, the reknown Fashion Designer

Updated on June 26, 2017

Commitment is vital for one’s success in any career or endeavor. Without this value, one can only succeed if possible through “sheer luck” (Weisbord, 2011). Just take an example of a surgeon who becomes non-committal while attending to a patient? Take your time to reflect upon a teacher who is not consistent in his or her teaching work? What about a pastor who comes to a service late and does not attend to his flock accordingly? All these could cause serious repercussions on those needing the services of the respective practitioners.

I have learnt this fact through various models and mentors who have reinforced in me the need to remain committed in whatever I do whether in workplaces and in daily life. One of these models is Pierre Cardin, a renowned fashion designer whose works attracted admiration not only in his home country but in many other parts of the world. The designer, who is an Italian by birth, is lauded for his pieces of the 20th century which still has a place in today’s market environment (Hesse, 2010). What motivates me more is his personal journey to have this impeccable success. His meandering journey to achieve greatness in the world of fashion design tells me nothing comes on a silver plate and one must put a lot of effort plus sacrifice to realize what he or she wants.

Now that I have this position I feel like I am just about to fulfill my dream of being at the helm of my career. Since I joined middle school, I ensured that I took adequate time to study while at the same time ensuring that I did not miss out on extra curricula activities. I was also active in debates, journalism club and Christian union. In fact, I was at these places at the right time whenever required. I think the teachers noticed this commitment and interest in me, thus choosing me to be the secretary of the student’s council. My life in college was not any different because I had countless opportunities to show and grow my leadership capabilities while showing commitment in every aspects of the school.

I do believe that the value of commitment and interest has stirred me up to this level and that the position I hold at the moment can help me attain my full potential. With the right people to work with, I can reach my potential, realize my objective and help the company reach its set limits. Even though I possess the value of commitment, passion, interest and the needed skills, I too will need to be guided from time to time as I cannot do everything right. As such, checking on me from time to time would be good not only for me but also for the company. In addition, it would point me to the right direction just in case I miss a step.

It is paramount for organizations to note that their successes are rooted on the commitment of workers on their jobs. In this sense, organizations should endeavor to motivate their employees accordingly so that they can develop the value of commitment. This will help them in using their full potential and the company to grow. Cardin made me realize that one cannot just be a designer and be famous. Rather, the designer has to be committed and passionate about his job. That was how he rose to fame in the 20th century, and I do believe that I can do the same by being committed in my designation and other aspects of life.


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