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Let's Talk Hair with Annette Jones of California Lace Wigs & Weaves

Updated on May 27, 2014

By Eric Bendross

Eric Bendross: Annette, I want you to tell us about your brand.

Annette Jones: We are an exclusive online lace wig and weaving hair company. We sell custom lace wigs, cranial hair prosthesis, clip ins and a variety of hair extensions. We offer products for bonding and removing lace wigs along with other hair care products to maintain healthy hair cut from donors. We import all of our hair from select regions around the world. Our hair is cuticle hair and 100% human, no synthetic fibers or fillers. We're known to sell the best Malaysian hair on the market.

Eric Bendross: Now, I’ve been doing some reading on you and am quite impressed, so would you please share with our readers: what makes your brand stand out and what makes you different from the rest? Tell us a bit more about your background in hair care.

Annette Jones: What makes us stand out from the rest is because our team is involved in the entire process from the sourcing of the hair to the delivery of the finished product. We take careful steps to ensure each hair strand is of superior quality. Our hair is handpicked, we always start with raw 100% Remy hair that either remains in its natural virgin state or goes through a gentle process for texture. This is very tedious and time consuming but we are very particular about only providing the best to our customers.
I am no beautician but I DO know quality hair. I have worn weaving hair and hair extensions for over 25 years and have an in-depth understanding of the intricate details required in selecting and maintaining healthy donor hair. The upkeep and care is quite different than when the hair is growing from the head.

Eric Bendross: How can this help women grow their own natural hair?

Annette Jones: Lace wigs and weaves can definitely be a safe way to grow out your natural hair. However, it’s very important to maintain your natural hair underneath the protective style. You need to wash your hair on a regular basis and keep it moisturized in order for this to work. Often, women get their wigs and weaves installed and forget about their natural hair underneath and when that happens your hair suffers and remains damaged or fails to grow. This can be a curse or a blessing depending on how you manage it.

Eric Bendross: Could you please tell us some of your short-term and long-term goals for California Lace Wigs & Weaves?

Annette Jones: Our short-term goals are just to continue to provide quality products as well as superior customer service. We ship same day and offer a huge inventory of in-stock products for our customers. We also offer custom orders where our customers can create and design the wig of their desires. We spend countless hours creating new and innovative ways to serve our customers, if it wasn't for them it would be no CLWW so we make sure we listen to all their compliments, concerns and suggestions. We are working on more hair options for our online retail store. There's an audience and customer base we have not tapped into and that’s a goal for us because we want to serve all ethnic backgrounds.

I cannot end this interview without blabbing about our new online wholesale store. We are soooo excited to offer our premium products to purchase for resale. We have sat down with some industry professionals, salon owners and stylists to create some awesome wholesale packages. Our wholesale store allows stylists and salon owners to do what they do best and let us provide the rest. We launched our online wholesale store earlier this year and it's growing by leaps and bounds. This by far is one of the most exciting ventures I've ever been involved with. The website for our wholesale store is Stylists and persons in the hair industry can now partner with us by offering top quality premium products to their customers. It’s a win-win! We have packages that will suit stylists on every level.

Eric Bendross: Great! So, you all have a stand-alone store? An actual structure? …this is not just online?

Annette Jones: Both of our stores are exclusively online.

Eric Bendross: Okay. Can you please tell us some of the celebrities that have enjoyed the California Lace Wigs & Weaves experience?

Annette Jones: WOW, there are so many, let me see..... Faith Evans, (R&B singer); Draya, she’s a celebrity on the Los Angeles Basketball Wives; Elise Neal, actress in Hustle & Flow and Jumping the Broom; Natalie Nunn, we all know her from Bad Girls Club. There are many more.... ohhh, celebrity stylist: Ebony Stylez loves and wears our kinky straight hair; she’s a Hollywood stylist. Shirea L. Carroll, Editor of Juicy Magazine. Ohhh and we are getting ready to launch a new hairline, so stay tuned for that!

Eric Bendross: Richard Glass has worked with your hair as well; celebrity hairstylist: Richard Glass.

Annette Jones: Yes, Richard Glass…and Andrea (Jackson); she does hair styling on the set and film. We work with quite a few celebrity stylists; we are not far from Hollywood, where all the action is.


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