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Let's Get It Straight - Best Bargain Hair Straighteners and Advice

Updated on February 17, 2015

Hair Straighteners


My Top Hair Straighteners

If your anything like me you went out and bought some hair straighteners and styling products with the idea that they all do the same thing. The very same reason you bought them..... TO STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR!

I bought some cheap straighteners which were useless and some expensive ones where the higher the setting the straighter my hair became. Although it looked good on the night it was actually drying my hair out and leaving it in very poor condition.

All my friends raved about a certain expensive brand straightener so I went out and bought myself one. Despite the huge dent in my bank balance, I had numerous problems with them and after six months they just stopped heating up altogether.

So I was now on the look out for some new straighteners, only this time I wasn't willing to part with as much money.

I decided to research the different types of hair straighteners, I asked all my friends and family what brands they have used both in the past and currently. I also read magazine reviews and tons of peoples product reviews on all the different brands selling at the moment.

As my hair had become very dry and poor conditioned my hairdresser told me to use serum or heat defence spray when using straighteners or a hairdryer. I decided I may as well look in to these too.


My List of Top Straighteners

1. Nicky Clarke kinder4hair ceramic & tourmaline straighteners.c (44.99)

Ceramic coated, Ionic, Tourmaline, Heats up to 230 degrees, heats up in 30secs, variable heat.

These Straighteners got 5 stars, people reviewing them said that they left there hair straight and shiny and totally undamaged, and they were excellent for long or thick hair.

2. Remington shine therapy straighteners (68.49p)

230 degrees heat up temp, ceramic coated, heats up in 15secs, variable heat 150-230 degrees, Automatic worldwide voltage, Floating ceramic plates infused with heat activated shine enhancing conditioner designed to last the life of the straightener, A combination of shine enhancing vitamins E and avocado oil that emit during styling for smooth, silky healthy hair, Variable digital technology, Turbo boost button automatically sets to highest temp, temp lock function, Auto shut off after 60 Min's, 3m salon length cable with protective heat pouch and plate lock for storage.

These Straighteners got 4 and a half out of 5 stars, people reviewing them said that they heat up quick and the temp lock is great because you cant accidentally increase it, and the straighteners gave a professional look, and a few people said they had been better than there previous well know expensive branded ones, over all they were highly recommended.

3. Toni&Guy professional signature straightener (68.49p)

Floating 25mm ceramic plates to allow greater versatility in styling, heats up in 30secs, ultra fast heat recovery for consistent styling, variable temperature control 80-200c, Versatile barrel to allow poker straight looks and curls, Professional salon length 3m swivel cord, Luxury faux suede heat proof mat and travel pouch.

These Straighteners got 4.7 out of 5 stars, people reviewing them said that they were excellent value for money, they heat up fast and hair stays straight for days, great for curly, thick, long and short hair.

4. Babyliss pro 230 radiance straightener (was 97.88p now half price at Argos)

Straighteners that last twice as long, Cera-heat technology with extra power heaters and advanced ceramic titanium plates, Retractable DE-tangling fins give a combing effect for total straightness, Conditioning ionic steam for no frizz shine, up to 230c salon temperature performance, Advanced ceramic gives 30secs heat up and ultra fast heat recovery to maintain constant high heat during use, 5 digital heat settings, Luxury heat protection mat and storage pouch, 4 easy grip sectioning grips, 3m salon type swivel cord for ease of use.

These straighteners got 4.5 out of 5 stars, people reviewing these said that the steam is a added bonus, and people that had thick or frizzy hair or hair with kinks in said these straighteners made there hair poker straight and frizz free and also last for days, most people said they have recommended these straighteners to friends and family.

I actually bought these Babyliss pro straighteners on sale, they are a lovely red colour and come in a storage pouch which looks like a red clutch bag, unlike other straighteners they didn't pull on my hair and instead of damaging they actually made my hair look healthy and shiny.

5. Perfect Travel Straighteners= Babyliss pro 200 nano straightener (14.99p)

200c salon heat performance, ideal for short hair, fringes, quick touch ups and travel, ceramic coated plates with ultra fast heat up, multi voltage for worldwide use, available in pink, green, purple and blue.

These straighteners got 4 out of 5 stars, People reviewing them said they are great for travel and at only 15Cm's long you can slip them into the smallest of handbags for use anywhere, and they leave your hair straight and shiny.

STAR BUY= Sasoon solutions straighteners (64.99p)

220 degrees heat up temp, Ceramic coated, 60 sec heat up time, Ionic tourmaline's, 4 pre-programmed heat settings for each hair type, Digital, 3m salon cable, The first straighteners with revolutionary SMART HEAT technology, equipped with intelligent preset programs that have been designed and tested for specific hair types. Thick, curly, coloured, fine, normal, damaged or synthetic hair, At the touch of a button it automatically adjusts temperature to the most appropriate for your hair type to ensure hair is cared for whilst creating perfect styling results.

These straighteners got 5 out of 5 stars, These straighteners come highly recommended, they are created specifically to care for all different hair types.

People with all hair types have said they made there hair not only poker straight but healthy looking as well, the fact that they automatically change temperature to match your hair type was rated as there best feature as so many people didn't really know what temperature they should have had there straighteners set to.

Do You Straighten Your Hair?

See results


Firstly shampoo and condition your hair,
2. Next apply Serum, spread serum in your palms and rub into hair smoothing the hair along its length.
3. Next get your hairdryer and a round brush and dry your hair with the hairdryer pointing downwards, pulling your hair straight as you go this will also eliminate frizz.
4. Spray tiny amount of heat defense spray on your hair holding the bottle about 15Cm's away from your head.
5. If you have long or medium hair then use sectioning clips to separate hair so that you can concentrate on one section at a time.
6. Starting at the front with a small section of hair use your straighteners down the length in a swift smooth motion, repeat this step on the next section and continue small sections right round the head.
7.Always run the straightener from the top, down the hair length and continue until the straightener runs of the hair at the end and hair falls away, keep the sweeps even and consistent.
8. On larger sections you may need to repeat the run 2-3 times.
9. Once most of the hair has been straightened, finish the style by blending at the ends, with no clips run the straightener close to the ends and of the ends of the hair, this will stop separation that might occur when using your sectioning clips.
10. Now you should have sleek shiny and frizz free straight hair which should last a long time.


If your hair is in poor condition then both Aussie Miracle Moisture and Aussie miracle 3 minute leave in conditioner worked wonders for my hair. Straightening afterwards was a lot easier too.

Alternatively you can get a deep conditioning treatment at your local salon from as little as seven pound.

You may also notice dry or split ends if you straighten your hair regularly. Control this by getting regular trims and remember to use a good heat defense when straightening your hair.

The Best Way to Straighten Your Hair (@ SignatureSeries)


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    • profile image

      Bea 2 years ago

      Wow, where do I even begin?? I have had the same hair styling regmien for 20 yrs! After shampoo & conditioner, I comb out the knots (there are quite a few), I then apply mousse, curl spray and shine serum. I then blow-dry upside down for body and go over with two different sized curling irons. Sometimes I smooth out my bangs with a flat iron if I don't want my hair to be curly all over. I lock it all in with hairspray. I wash my hair every other day but I have to go over it with the curling iron each day to keep it in shape. It's a lot of work! I need a good product to help tame the frizz and keep my hair conditioned.

    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 6 years ago from South England

      Thank you Wholesaler for your lovely comment, pleased you enjoyed it :)

    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 6 years ago from South England

      Thank you for stopping by Alice and for your useful info. :)

    • profile image

      wholesaler 7 years ago

      I found this is an informative and interesting post so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing ability has inspired me. Really the article is spreading its wings rapidly.

    • profile image

      Alice 7 years ago

      Chi straightener are not only meant for people with curly hair,but also a product of choice for people who wish to smooth out the texture of their hair.Its ergonomic design and easy portability have made the CHI Iron a very popular item among both at home stylists and professionals.For smoothing out frizzy hair or turning tightly curled locks into a smooth waterfall worthy of a shampoo ad,Chi hair straighteners work very well.