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Light Blue Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana Review

Updated on April 3, 2017

My Experience With The Perfume

Startling, colored, womanly, stanch, lively, abysmal and true: This perfume is just an obsession!

To me, Light Blue from D&G unwraps itself with a honeyed citrus and apple aroma. The borderline whiffs initially like sweet tarts candy, which is not moderate, but quite nearly. Sooner or later, it relaxes to a graceful and stimulating flowery, citrus/cedar trace that is just gorgeous. It dazzles with floras and fruit notes that are a temptation to the high-spirited pleasure of life.

The cologne opens on a garden-fresh and sensualist note of Sicily cedar, granny smith apple as well as bluebells. The heart note is a garland of jasmine, white rose, and bamboo. The end note discloses clues of cedar wood, musk, and amber.

Light Blue Perfume Scent Descriptions and Notes:

• Top notes: Sicilian Cedar, Bluebell, Apple,
• Heart notes: Bamboo, White Rose, Jasmine
• Base notes: Citron wood, Musk, Amber

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana for women


This off-the-cuff, gusty, glistening and fruity-floral aroma induces the soul of the Sicilian summer. Mouth-watering and garden-fresh notes of lime, cedar, and lime convey an appearance of the South woods on the coastline. Definitely the perfect summer fragrance! This cologne just prompts me of a day at the seashore. I sense saltiness on my skin that harks back to the marine air.

Packaging and design of the bottle:

The bottle of this fruity floral perfume expresses of sunlit days and nights that loiter long in remembrance. Light Blue is in some way calm and sincere at the same time. It's an unbelievably pleasing aroma with a calming and easy-going bottle. Blowy, gusty and calm! I must say I truly like this scent from the wrapping and packaging point of view. It is fresh, casual, sensory and high-spirited!

Sillage and staying power :

Longevity is roughly 6 to 7 hours on my skin while the sillage is reasonable. This summer scent lasts certainly well all the way through the day when matched to other colognes. That synthetic cedar substance in the base notes is moreover awfully enduring and resolute in a viscously inescapable musk-like way. However, I at all times get commendations from others about wearing it.

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana for women

Let us have a quick look at the likes and dislikes that I've felt about this fragrance:

Likes :

• The D&G Light Blue has a hint of freshness, sparkle, and lightness.
• It’s never belligerent; In fact, it’s always appealing. I wear it in summertime and wintertime alike.
• As it whiffs fantastic, it is remarkably easy to wear and is extremely adaptable. It is suitable for day or night, for getting out for dinner with him or for work.

• Just ensure to test it before purchasing one. Why? To ascertain that it isn't headache-inducing to you. Make sure you are not allergic to this or your skin doesn't get annoyed and prickly from it.

Rating (out of 5): 4/5


Taking everything into account, it's a joyful, spirited scent, decent for inspiring you in the dawn and invigorating you for work. Office-safe and the type of aroma everyone loves! This cologne is addicting to me. Perhaps one of the loveliest citrusy fragrances I have come across! The citrus is smooth and fragrant, rather than spicy or loud.

This is charming, crisp cologne that never flops to prompt praises whenever I wear it. It is not overwhelming, yet is sufficiently strong to smell with just a minor shot.


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