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Lingerie Teddies For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009
Bear from
Bear from

Haha! Not teddy bears silly, (though who among us can get by without our teddy bear - Big shout out to you, Mr Tiddles! Keep a spot for me at the picnic in the woods next week!) No, what I'm talking about here are lingerie teddies, also known as 'all in ones', 'bodysuits', and ''ere is that a swim suit you're wearing?' (The last one generally only applying if you happen to be wandering around rural England in your lingerie, which can happen to the best of us.)

For those of you unfamiliar with the teddy, imagine for a moment if you could combine the support of a brassiere with the smooth feeling of panties and experience lingerie caresses all over your torso. Walking around covered in sensual fabrics, feeling them caressing you with every step, clinging closely to your skin... it sounds like a lingerie lovers dream, doesn't it. Well the dream can be realised with the help of these oh so cutely named items of lingerie.

Teddies are generally regarded as being sensual items of lingerie, very rarely worn in everyday circumstances, however in some cases, teddies can make excellent daily wear. Because they fit like a bodysuit, some are designed to contour and hold the figure in, which is excellent for wearers with less than perfect body tone.

Other teddies are looser and made from sensual sheer fabrics which are designed purely to show things off. The best teddies (in my own humble opinion) are ones that do both, showing off the wearer whilst also sneakily supporting the bust and slimming the waistline.

Teddies are excellent for those of you who love lingerie because of the look. With so much more space and material to play with, some designers really go to town, as in the case with this slinky black number which is almost overwhelmed with detail.

Still other teddies are more, ahem, 'minimalistic', being little more than a few straps running from bust to crotch. This design also has its appeal, though one is occasionally reminded of Borat's mankini when one sees this type of design.

Whatever your particular tastes, you're sure to be able to find a teddy that suits you and your budget. From the highly ornate, to the barely there, teddies have made a comeback in recent years after falling out of fashion in the 1940's. History might never repeat, but fortunately for lovers of lingerie, fashion sure does.


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