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Lingerie Test! Discover Your Lingerie Style!

Updated on October 13, 2009

Not all lingerie is created equal. Though at first a lingerie department can seem to be a wild mish mash of lace and frills, satin and silk, there are definitive styles which emerge as you spend more time there and familiarize yourself with the store. (Much like the way house, electronic, punk, metal, and similar types of music sound like a bunch of screaming, banging and thrashing about until you spend some time listening and your ear begins to differentiate between them, eventually finding some pieces more enjoyable than others.)

Of course, you can always mix and match between these styles, and most people possess a few items from each category. Still, there's nothing like wasting half an hour of your life trying to define yourself by an inherently irrelevant measure, so without further ado, let us find out what your lingerie style is!


Frills are fun! There's something classically burlesque about frills, and they're an excellent way to cover up problem areas by sneakily adding volume to them. It makes no real sense, but for some reason, if you cover a large ass in frills it makes it more attractive than if you squeezed it into spandex.


Lace is a classic material which has been subverted by the lingerie industry to create something very very dirty indeed. Lace can be an innocent ornamentation on an otherwise plain piece of lingerie, or it can give away your charms and secrets for all the world to see. (Assuming you're wandering around in lingerie and nothing else, which rather presupposes that you're not too worried about the world discovering your charms and secrets.)


I like mesh. Mesh is dirty. Filthy even. It's like lace's city cousin with the bad reputation. Mesh essentially fills the same role as lace, though it is less concerned with ornamentation and more with revelation. Mesh is an excellent material for strutting your stuff, and many lingerie manufacturers make very naughty pieces with mesh backs, mesh fronts, and for those times when you're giving up all pretense at modesty, mesh all the way. Mesh is also useful if you're stuck in the wilds and need to create a makeshift fishing net.


Classy classic lingerie tends to be black or white, be mostly made from silk, satin, nylon, or synthetic blends, provides full coverage, though small flirty panels of lace or mesh in non essential locations (such as the sides of panties or the tops of bra cups) is permissible. Classy lingerie leaves something to the viewer's imagination, and may even fool people into thinking you're a good girl.


Tropical colors have been popular for the last couple of years it seems, I don't understand the thrill myself, but I suppose some people like to look like a pineapple, and if they do, more power to them. Tropical colors are bright and several of them are often mashed together in one item of lingerie, for example, lime green, bright yellow, and fluorescent pink on one pair of panties. Tropical lingerie may be of some use to those of you who often find it necessary to hide out semi naked in indoor paint ball courses.


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