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Lip Piercing Styles, Photos and Pictures

Updated on May 24, 2013

Lip piercing pictures can be seen all over the Internet and in many fashion magazines today but, many people who see them, just see them as another body piercing and do not realize that they actually have a deep, cultural and meaningful history behind them. In fact, lip piercing has been an active practice that’s taken place for many centuries by people from all over the world. There have even been finds of ancient remains dating back some 5,000 plus years in which the lip was pierced.

Some speculate that the practice goes back even farther than that though and today, it is a very highly practiced activity for all lifestyles. For some cultures, piercing the lip is done as a form of self-expression and for others; it is a form of religion or tradition passed down from ancient family members. Egyptians for example, pierce the lip for the beauty that it represents. The Eskimos, Dogon and Nuba tribes also practice lip piercing for their own various reasons including recognition or acceptance into adulthood. As you may have seen in many lip piercing pictures from around the world, these different cultures use a number of various objects and materials for their lip piercings such as bone, quartz, ivory, wood and even metal.

While bone, quartz and ivory are less of an occurrence for the urban cultures today, many types of metal and wood are still used. The most common type of material used is surgical steel or titanium. The jewelry typically comes in a stud, ball, ring or barbell that can be straight, curved or round. They can also include gems or stones and colors to enhance their appearance. Many of the lip piercing pictures you see around the Internet will show the metal piercings in different places around the mouth so that there is a better idea of how they look once worn.

Many of the popular lip piercing styles include the Medusa, Labret, Snake Bite and Madonna, which are all different styles that involve piercings around the mouth and lips. While image is not always the reason that lip piercing takes place, for many, it is still very important.

No matter what the reason though, lip piercing is still one of the most popular body piercing practices around the world. Lip piercing pictures can give a better image as to how each unique style looks.


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