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Little stocking stuffer to get big lips: FusionBeauty LipFusion

Updated on December 24, 2015

A beauty gift for lips: FusionBeauty LipFusion Plump + Shine

Big, sensuous, pillow lips have been a hot trend for several years now. We've seen celebrities take this fashion direction to an extreme. Sure, there are people who go to plastic surgeons for injections and fillers, but that's not as an exact a science as the docs would have you believe. The placement can be "off" and not line up precisely with the natural lip line. The fillers migrate over time -- that's just a fact. Some people get terrible allergic reactions to the collagen and other materials.

When beauty mavens started to see that the needle wasn't always their best friend, they looked for temporary, safer alternatives.

That's where FusionBeauty and its revolutionary product, LipFusion came in! The brand has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, a notoriously rigorous standard. Their lip products contain a proprietary formula, "Stimu-Lip", that actually does plump your lips. Their claims are real, not just typical hope-in-a-jar marketing puffery.

Their Plump + Shine lipstick is housed in a silver-toned metal case with see-through end, to view the color of the lipstick bullet. That's helpful for color selection, because paper reproductions, online swatches or fanciful color names don't really work.

Unlike many of their imitators that contain irritating spice oils to "plump" your lips, LipFusion doesn't sting or burn at all. The lipstick is a solid creme formula, more waxy than oily. The pigmentation is quite intense with a shiny glow. Your lips do get a more rounded appearance that's flattering . . . because it's you! The color has quite good staying power. Unlike some lipsticks that wear off to a faint, matte stain, even when the initial layer comes off, you still have opaque color and a decent amount of shine.

This is a special little gift you can get a beauty maven or yourself, for a quick and easy way to improve your look.


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