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Long Hair - Short Hair - Beautiful Hair on Beautiful Girls!

Updated on April 19, 2012

The blond with the unstoppable smile, the voice of an angel and the elegance of a princess! Surrounded in a haze of blue, her eyes can take you to uncharted islands, luring you to a paradise of enchantment. Of course with the beauty her face holds, what mere mortal man could resist?

Her hair flows through the air as her feet glide through the clean grass. Looking back, her lips never have to move as her smile just says.... come this way... It makes you follow like a child follows the Pied Piper/ Irresistible, you have to follow the alluring smile on her face while her irresistibly blue eyes lead you into heaven.

Pink and green are the colors of the most delicious candy, a treat as sweet as her smile. Her silky tresses seem as long as a mile.

The sun is not too extreme on this day, but she is hot in a man's thoughts. She is small as a bird and walks as lightly a wisp of wind across the top of the warm sand! The sun heats her soft as silk skin as her long black hair sweeps around her body. The smell of fresh coconut oil engulfs everyone she passes.

In the summer, her hair is a shield from the blazing rays of the Sun. In the winter, it is like a shawl keeping her warm, No matter what time of year, her locks hold her securely in a beauty that only luscious long locks can ensure.

Here the original photo has no enhancement and relies fully on natural beauty.
Here the original photo has no enhancement and relies fully on natural beauty.
Simply adding a yellow frame does not add to the beauty as much as it focuses attention on the subject.
Simply adding a yellow frame does not add to the beauty as much as it focuses attention on the subject.
As the enhancement of the photo progresses, the beauty of the subject combines with the beauty of the art for something greater than the sum of the parts.
As the enhancement of the photo progresses, the beauty of the subject combines with the beauty of the art for something greater than the sum of the parts.

Photo Enhancing

The only photo enhancement done on most of this page was to the frames around the pictures to add more brilliance to the colors. All of the girls here are beautiful to begin with and have hair that is absolutely to die for! I have not changed the look of any of these girls other than the young woman you see to the side here and the young lady in the two photos below.

I put the original of the picture to the right along with two images that have been enhanced to show what really can be done with photography to make things a bit more colorful and fashionable! The first photo, located at the top, is the original. In the second photo, I tried to illustrate what just a little flair can do.The only things added were a bit of brightness to her hair and the frame to accent the photo. Otherwise, there were no alterations!

This is a good example of what you can accomplish with very little enhancing. It brings out a hint of the highlights in her hair where there are none you can see in the first photo. The yellow vignette also gives her skin a smoother look than the matte look in the original. These elements combine to really bring out this young woman's beauty.

When you change a photo's frame, though it may seem like a simple thing, it is sort of the same as changing an outfit! You would put any photo in a frame that does the photo justice and brings out the color just as you like to dress in an outfit that highlights your best features and complements you well.

I really wish the girl to the right was showing her eyes a bit more so that I could have brought out the color in them! It was a great photo of her beautiful blond hair and the enhanced photos really show how versatile blond hair can be to work with in the arts! Though her eyes in this picture give us less to work with, that does not mean we cannot try!

Leaving the yellow and adding a bit of outline to her eyelid and brow as well as slightly to a few strands of hair give this photo a new level vibrancy when combined with the pinkish and mauve colors added to the frame. I believe if it were possible to find in the real world, this photo would be perfect in a yellow and mauve frame and would look simply amazing, even in portrait size.

Fortunately, in the digital world, we can find virtually anything easily within reach of our unbridled imagination. The melancholy look on the young girl's face gives off a serene feeling which would be great for a Fung Shui type room. It has beauty and light soft colors for a meditative feel. I was quite pleased with the way this one turned out!

There is no way to tell how long the girl's hair is in this photo! It has a delightfully beautiful sheen to it and appears to be very well taken care of! This girl is full of life and, if you picture her on a dance floor, she could spin around and her beautiful tresses would flow like silk through the air!

Since I do love art, I could not resist seeing what I could do with this image. While the photo is not at all boring, it just screams to me "dazzle me up"! So I took it into my graphics program just as I have with many others to see what happened when I put some color to the photo!

Since she has a more serious look on her face, I decided to see what I could bring out of this photo. I wish I could have done her make up as well for this photo! She is really a beautiful girl and I am sure she would be wonderful to work with! Her hair has a thickness that could be given a very whispy elegance with just a few layers that would drop any man to his knees!

In the original photograph, I could see a sultry beauty with a love of life. I added some color and pop art flourishes as one way to bring the color out of a photograph that otherwise might have very little! I also added the black frame, as to capture the beauty of the original and the artsy part of her.

After all, there's only a select few women on the planet who knows her true soul! She still holds the mystique of the look on her face, looking away from the camera's watchful eye. We can leave it to our imaginations that she has color in her personality that is waiting to come to life! We can only imagine what it is. She could have the humor of any funny lady in the world, the spirit of a loving caretaker or she could hold the heart of a lover who has the passion of gale force winds. She could be a girl who knows know boundaries, leaving no stone unturned... she lives in your memory.


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