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Look Oh La La for Less :)

Updated on March 2, 2014

You Get What You Pay For?

We have all heard people say "you get what you pay for". And while that might be true for many things in life, fortunately it is NOT the case with many cosmetic products.

A high price tag doesn't always mean higher quality. In my search for affordable, quality make-up, I have found that many brands have the SAME ingredients as the mega buck brands. Some even are listed in the same order or packaged in the same factory. With certain items we are paying more simply for the name.

These are 3 items that I consider to be the essentials of any woman's make up bag. I have listed the deluxe brand of the product and what I consider to be the best inexpensive version of that item.

We can look oh la la for less!

A Great Foundation

Foundation can arguably be the most important makeup purchase. You need a smooth, flawless, canvas to work with. This can also be one of the most expensive items.

Dolce & Gabana-The Foundation-Perfect Matte Liquid is an AMAZING product. It is grease free and can last all day. At about 65 bucks a bottle, it is definitely a splurge item and not something everyone can keep on hand.

Rimmel London -Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation is just as amazing in my opinion! It has great coverage and is completely grease free as well. Because it is a mousse, it glides right on and feels so light. My favorite thing about it of course, is the price. It ranges between $8.00 to $10.00 depending on where you get it. A wonderful product and a wonderful price.

While the Dolce and Gabana does seem to stay on longer without needing to have any touch-ups, that is the only difference I can notice in the quality. The look and feel of the Rimmel London is just as good to me. And costs much, much less

Luxe Lashes

Mascara is my most favorite makeup product! You can put it on with nothing else and really make a difference in your appearance. I wear it everyday. That being said, I buy it often so I need one that works without fail but is also relatively cheap.

Benefit- They're Real Mascara is about $23.00. It lifts, separates, lengthens, and adds volume to your lashes. I do love this product but i hate the price. I would be mascara poor as much as I use this stuff!

Maybelline- The Falsies is my FAVORITE mascara! Only about $6 and it does everything that the above listed mascara does. It is a great product.

Other then the price, I honestly can't tell a bit of difference in these products.


So, every girl needs a good gloss. It can add the perfect something to a look but they are not all created equally! Some look super shiny in the tube and lack something when applied. Or we have all tried the ones that feel like oil and smear all around your lips. NOT attractive.

NARS lips gloss in Albatros is an ideal gloss. Non-sticky and very hydrating. Practically perfect. However, at $25.00 it is hardly and ideal price.

Revlon Super Lustrous is wonderful . It is also non-sticky and very moisturizing, They have it in 12 different colors. Snow pink (my fave) is a light and barely there color. This great gloss is only about $7.00!

What do you consider a make-up must?

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Do a little research on your favorite high end products. Compare them with the less expensive options. There are several great products you can get at a reasonable price. Just remember that high end doesn't always mean high quality! But most importantly, feel good about whatever you wear. Nothing is as beautiful as confidence!


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