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Look and Feel your Best in a Sexy Plus Size Bikini

Updated on October 5, 2016

The Struggle For a Good Swimsuit

Finding swimsuits as any type of woman can be a complete nightmare, but sometimes it is particularly difficult for plus size women. The garment is already a skimpy one, and barely there bikinis became all the rage in the past few years, making it an unhappy experience for ladies who wanted more coverage or did not have the "right" body shapes. However, a slow shift is happening right now in the world of high fashion. Modeling industries, fashion designers and major retailers are starting to make way for plus size women.

A Lack of Variety

Changes in the Fashion Industry

With the first plus size model appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, the world has stood up and taken notice of plus size women. Since then, plus size models like the Sports Illustrated beauty Ashley Graham have also become spokeswomen for body positive acceptance among bigger women. This era has given rise to some spectacularly talented beauties, like Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Philomena Kwao and many others who are paving the way to make fashion for everyone, not just the straight sized people. With these pioneers in high fashion, designers and retailers are starting to make more clothing for plus sized women.

Shopping on the Internet

However, that trend has yet to take hold in a major way in department stores and non-specialty clothing shops where plus size women usually go to pick out swimwear. This is problematic because a lack of availability leaves women with the same old unflattering one-pieces and cover-ups that have plagued them for years. The obvious answer to this conundrum is to head to the internet. Shopping online is a great way to find a variety of swimwear in different sizes. Not to mention, online swimwear is available in the off-season, in case someone needs a suit for vacation or other specialty need. An awesome website that offers plus size swimwear is Swimsuitsforall.

One of the Hot Bikinis Available

About Swimsuitsforall

Swimsuitsforall offers bikinis, one-pieces and all kinds of swimsuits in sizes 8 to 34. Now plus size ladies can get bikinis that actually flatter their bodies instead of micro pieces that do not fit. The website offers high-waisted bikinis, tankinis, underbust support, and a great variety of other styles that suit any woman's needs. There are strapless pieces, halter, and ones that fit just like the best bra. Each top piece is specifically designed to support heavier and larger busts. The bottom pieces offer full coverage but are still sexy and beautiful. There are plain suits and ones printed with beautiful designs, all available in different styles.

Another Awesome Bikini

Final Thoughts

No woman should feel ashamed of their body at the beach or any other time. A flattering swimsuit that actually fits is essential for a plus size lady's arsenal of sexy clothing. Head over to Swimsuitsforall for gorgeous beach fashion.

Have Confidence in Your Body


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