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Look, smell cute for Valentine's Day with Clean fragrance and FusionBeauty

Updated on January 27, 2016

If you're part of the 80 million Americans who were affected by Winter Storm Jonas, you've been digging out, thawing out, running out of household supplies and maybe patience, as well. What probably hasn't been on your mind is Valentine's Day! Hey, look at a calendar: it's practically upon us. Whether you have gifts to get or need to look your best on that special day, there are products to make you feel and look more romantic. Get the basics right: an alluring scent, flirty lashes and plump lips! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

Clean Reserve - From the folks who brought you a whole line of "clean" scents, reminiscent of just getting out of the shower, laundry right out of the dryer, the great outdoors, comes a new and more sophisticated form of clean. Clean Reserve-Blonde Rose is categorized as a floral musk.

It's packaging is consistent with their brand message of using eco-conscious, sustainable ingredients. The simple rectangular bottle has a uncluttered label with sans serif font. The stopper is made of wood, giving the product an organic feeling.

To my nose, I detect a top note of sparkling, tangy, freshly cut floral greens, drying to powdery, amber notes and finishing on a powder musk. It's romantic, not dirty.

They describe it as being "inspired by an escape to a warm bubble bath infused with rose petals and a day dream," with notes of rose, peony, jasmine, musk and sandalwood. The sandalwood is sustainably harvested by natives in Sri Lanka, while artisan distillers refine the oils closer to home.

FusionBeauty is a creative brand that uses cutting edge science in their products . . . and no "hope in a jar" fuzzy-wuzzy stuff, either! They've received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, a very prestigious and tough to earn award.

XXL Extreme Volume + Long Term Enhancing Mascara is smart and pretty. It has an ingredient to enhance natural lashes, even after you've removed it. It's said to encourage three times the volume in just 15 days! The mascara brush is quite unique, a densely packed tear drop shape. The rounder end helps you lift and separate lashes and delivers a subtle coat. The thin end applies a rich, matte carbon black to your lashes, resulting in more obvious volume.

InFATuation High Shine + Lip Fattening Liquid Lip Color is quite the beautiful color cosmetic. It comes in pinks and various natural lip colors, for a classically pretty, fleshy lip look with tons of shine. It's a creme finish -- no glitter at all -- so it's age appropriate for everyone and also, appropriate for the office as well. The applicator is a brush: a more expensive package to produce, but it's the makeup artists' choice for control of application. The product enhances your lip size without needles, but promoting your own production of fatty acids that plump the lips.


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