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Looking Beautiful as You Age

Updated on September 30, 2018

I won't name names, but have you noticed how some of these aging Hollywood starlets look lately? Too thin, too much botox, fillers and heaven knows what else. It isn't attractive. In fact it's a bit frightening....and a little sad.

I've tried botox just for the hell of it. The first time I did it, the girl had no clue what she was doing. A few years went by and I decided to go to my dermatologist. I was only 34 at the time. He didn't want to give me botox. He said I looked fine but I insisted.

For the next three months I could not move a single muscle in my forehead. I have a great sense of humor so I took a few pictures of myself making some exaggerated facial expressions and sent them off to some friends. It was hilarious to all of us that my forehead did not move.

Am I against botox and fillers? Not really, it's a personal choice. Would I do it again? Probably not. I felt that I looked a bit unnatural and it seemed obvious that I had it done. That being said, I think going to an actual dermatologist and not one of those tacky med spas is the smart choice. You don't want some kid fresh out of college sticking your face with needles, do you?

New York Socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein.  She resorted to plastic surgery to keep her husband.  Guess what?  It didn't work.
New York Socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein. She resorted to plastic surgery to keep her husband. Guess what? It didn't work.

Aging is not a terrible thing. It's a part of life. There's nothing wrong with wanting to appear more attractive or like your younger self. The truth is that there is nothing natural or attractive about the extremes some women will go to. In fact, many women (and even some men) wind up looking older and a bit freakish after some procedures.

There are many things you can do without resorting to expensive procedures. In fact, sometimes it's not even lines or wrinkles that are aging you. A lot of times our make-up, clothes and hairstyles just need to be updated a bit.

Another thing to consider is that age has nothing to do with how attractive you are. It's a complete myth that men are only attracted to younger women. Everyone has their own idea of what is attractive. For example, actor David Arquette once said he found the aging process to be beautiful.

Here are some easy tips to help you look more like your beautiful self.

When it comes to make-up, less is more. Cakey foundation and powder will just settle into fine lines. Try a tinted moisturizer or mix a drop of foundation into the moisturizer you already use. Your skin will look healthier and more natural.

Use neutral eyeshadow and blush. For eyes, brown, beige and gold look best on anyone regardless what your eye color is. Shimmery eyeshadow is also much more flattering than matte. Choose softer colors for blush and lipstick such as peach, nude and soft pink. Earth tones also work well for everyone.

Some women feel the need to cut their hair off when they get to a certain age. Don't cut your hair because you feel that you have to. Find a flattering hair cut that goes with your face shape or just keep your hair long. You will feel and look prettier.

If you look like you belong in an old 80s music video, it may be time to update your look.
If you look like you belong in an old 80s music video, it may be time to update your look.
Only Morticia Addams (and Cher) can get away with jet black hair...
Only Morticia Addams (and Cher) can get away with jet black hair...

Don't go to extremes when dying your hair. Platinum blonde and jet black are too harsh, especially on fairer skin tones. Hardly anyone can pull off these colors and they don't do anything for your complexion accept wash you out. Choose hair colors like soft black, rich brown and honey blonde. Highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your base color will brighten up your complexion.

Many people get stuck in an era. Keep up with some of the trends. Skinny jeans and knee high boots are tastefully sexy. Not all trends are flattering though. Find a trend that makes you feel sexy and look beautiful.

Keep your skin moisturized. An SPF of at least 15 is a must. If you have to tan, do it the old fashioned way: Outside, not in a tanning bed. A sun-kissed glow is all you need and can be attainable wearing sunscreen. Dark tans are not flattering, make you look years over and ruin your skin.

Don't get too skinny. As you get older you may gain some weight but you actually lose weight in your face. A few extra pounds will actually smooth out any lines or wrinkles in your face. As long as you are in your healthy weight range, a few pounds won't kill you and will actually make you look better.

Dove's Pro-Age Campaign

Dove Evolution: Not Even Super Models Look Like Super Models

One Final Note....

Your attitude and confidence play a big part in how you look and appear to others. It doesn't matter if you look like a supermodel. If you aren't a happy person, people will sense it. The way you walk, carry yourself and talk all contribute to how you are percieved by others. A plain and confident person is naturally more attractive than a beautiful and insecure person. Your inner beauty always shines through your outer beauty.

Love yourself, be good to yourself and respect yourself. Treat your body well by nourishing it with healthy foods, lots of water and exercise. Forgive yourself for gaining a few pounds or eating a greasy cheeseburger. After all, we are all only human.

Now go on and be beautiful!


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