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Looking Hot In Plus Size Lingerie

Updated on October 12, 2009

Lingerie is all about being pretty, and sexy, and sensual, and though you might not yet believe it, the good news is that you don't need to be a size 0 model to be pretty in lingerie. It doesn't even matter if you're 300 lbs, you can still look great in tasteful lingerie. The secret is in choosing the sorts of lingerie that will flatter your figure.

Bust And Beyond

If you're a fuller figured lady (or man, for that matter) then you've no doubt got a natural advantage in the bust region. Make the most of your largesse in this region, it is beautiful, and those soft curves are something that those skinny girls can't hope to have even with all the plastic surgery in the world. Demi cup bras are excellent for showing off cleavage in a sexy, yet tasteful way, and don't eschew push up bras and padded cups either. These bras aren't just for making cleavage look bigger, they also present it nicely.

Corsets are also excellent for fuller figured people. They hold in the torso, creating a nice streamlined shape, and accentuate the positive by presenting your cleavage in the most attractive fashion possible. Some people really enjoy the feeling of being held in place by the corset too, just be careful not to lace yourself in too tight, because breathing is always nice.


When it comes to panties, you might feel a little reluctant to wear a thong, but there are still plenty of great and sexy designs out there, from the practical to the pretty. Spanx power panties, for example, are excellent figure shaping panties that can help you create a nice line to your figure. Or you can say to heck with it and go for some saucy panties. Frills are a great way to create a visual sensation, or you can try panties that come with a little mesh skirt attached for a kind of sexy false modesty.


If you're a little untoned stay away from stay up stockings. Stay up stockings need something to cling to, and if you've got a little excess flesh in the thigh region then you run a serious risk of getting some rolls. (This happens even with smaller people, so don't feel bad about it, you need some seriously toned thighs to get stay ups to look good. Of course, if you're a guy, there's a greater chance that you won't have this problem, as men tend to be more muscly anyway.) For ladies this effect can be mitigated with stay ups that have a larger elastic band, but for some people, even this won't help. Does this mean that you're stuck with ugly panty hose? No! Instead of stay ups, go for garters and stockings. They look much more classically sexy, and they will flatter your figure


Whilst not technically an item of lingerie, heels can be a great addition to any outfit. They will lengthen and give shape to your legs, and provide a psychological boost by just making you feel that extra little bit sexy.


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    • Mary Mac profile image

      Mary Mac 8 years ago from Victoria Australia

      I love plus size gals I am one

    • Histiletto profile image

      Histiletto 9 years ago

      Some people have beautiful bodies even though they may have extra pounds to contend with. They are constantly doing things that put the poundage in the right places. As long as they are healthy and feel good about themselves and the world they are in, who am I to question their attiring choices. Lingerie is usually worn beneath the street wear and should be of no concern to anybody else. Should it be worn as an outer garment, it is still a personal choice and no body should have the right to deny its presentation. I know this is getting into the socially moral factor, but if lingerie is used as an applique garment upon a socially acceptable outerware, then it should be viewed as an ornamentation rather than an under garment.

      A choice of heels is always a great accompaniment to most anyone's attiring, be it lingerie or regular attire. Those familiar with the wearing of heels knows they give any look the extra pleasantry and enticement any person wants to exhibit and behold.

    • profile image

      Salome 9 years ago

      Best hub ever. Thank you.