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Lose Weight Simply and Naturally

Updated on January 29, 2012

How much weight do you usually put on after the holidays?

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Gaining Weight? Lose Weight With Simple Changes

It's okay to admit it, we all over do it during holidays. It's hard not to. Family, holidays and food go together. It's hard to resist and tempting, especially when everyone else is digging in. Sometimes we get off track after occasions and eventually begin gaining a few pounds. Gaining weight is always a bit depressing, but losing weight does not have to be difficult.

Here are some easy rules I follow when I need to lose a few pounds.

Rule # 1: Keep a Food Diary - It Really Helps!

This can be a simple notebook or you can download an application on your phone. I use MyFitnessPal and it is a great tool. Just set up a profile, log your weight and your goal. It will tell you how many calories should be eating. Go to My Diary to add foods you eat during the day. You can even add friends for extra motivation.

Rule # 2: Don't Drink Your Calories!

A friend of mine lost 15 lbs. in less than a year by only giving up soda. If you drink soda every day you may want to try cutting down before eliminating it completely. There really is nothing healthy about drinking the fizzy stuff. It's loaded with sugar. You could always switch to diet but it's much healthier to stop all together. I can't stress enough how good water is for you. It quenches your thirst, keeps you full, flushes toxins out of your body and keeps your weight under control. Drink water before and after you eat. Sometimes you may feel hungry but in fact you may just be thirsty. Drink water and wait about ten minutes and see if you are still hungry first. You may be surprised to find out you're not hungry anymore.

Drink coffee and tea black. It takes some getting used to but now I won't drink it any other way. Sugar and cream in coffee is just added calories and leaves you feeling bloated. If cream is still a must then subsitute skim milk or light soy milk.

A note on alcohol: Wine has about 90 calories per glass. Beer varies but is usually around the same. Light beer has a bit less calories. It's best not to have alcohol with your food. Not only do you add more calories to the meal but you will end up eating more too. Have a drink or two on the weekend if you like. Just don't do it every night. You will notice a flatter stomach in no time.

Rule # 3: Stop Eatng Fast Food Now!

Have you ever read Fast Food Nation? Did you see the documentary Super Size Me? I recommend both. You will be shocked, feel disgusted and just may never touch the junk again.

Fast food joints use the lowest grade meat possible that will pass FDA regulations. It's loaded with salt (salt masks the taste of the terrible meat) and filled with trans fat. Need more proof? Take a look at Japan. Japan is one of the few modern countries in the world that has a low obesity rate. After opening up their first McDonalds, the obesity rate began climbing. Giving up fast food and opting for home cooked meals, fresh fruits and salads will trim your waist line and have you bikini ready by summer.

try simple salads with your favorite ingredients.  It's an easy way to get more vitamins and fiber in your diet.
try simple salads with your favorite ingredients. It's an easy way to get more vitamins and fiber in your diet.

Rule # 4: Fiber, Fiber and More Fiber!

Fiber keeps you regular and keeps you full. Get your fiber from natural sources like veggies, beans, grains and fruit. The average American only eats around 15 grams of fiber a day. You should be eating more. At least 35 grams of fiber. It's not hard to do. Fiber One cereal is great but choose the original kind because it has less sugar.

Track your steps with a pedometer.  They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at stores such as Target.
Track your steps with a pedometer. They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at stores such as Target.

Rule # 5: Don't Be a Couch Potato!

Americans don't walk enough. We drive to work, sit in our cubicles all day, come home to dinner and lie on the couch afterwards and watch tv. You need to move around. We should all be walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Most Americans walk only 3000 to 5000 steps. It's easier than you think to add those extra steps. Go for a 15-30 minute walk every day. Too cold out? Take a stroll in an indoor mall or invest in a gym membership or tread mill. You can get a used tread mill for a reasonable cost. Check your papers, Ebay, Amazon or Craigslist for used treadmills. A brisk 15 minute walk equals roughly a mile and is about 2,000 steps. A short 15 minute walk also burns about 100 calories.

Easy way to get moving is with simple exercises. Pilates and yoga tone your body. You don't have to join an expensive class either. Yoga and pilates strengthen your core. You will actually look thiner and taller with a strong core. There are many dvds out that will teach you the basics. If you have a Wii, there are many fun fitness games to help you work out. Shoot for at least 15 minutes in the morning or evening.

Don't lie on the couch when watching tv. Walk the treadmill, do lunges, crunches, yoga poses and anything else you can think of while watching your favorite show. This is a great tip because you don't really notice the time go by as you watch your show.

Final Note...

Losing weight doesn't have to be hard. Making small changes like the ones in this article that will get your body back in shape in just a few short months.  You can lose weight if you are motivated and make smart choices.  Good luck~~


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