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Lotion : Healing Skin

Updated on May 6, 2017

What is lotions?

A smooth, thick substance applied to the skin as preparation for cosmetics use.

Having an expiration like most, lotion turns liquidity and sticky after a few years or in excessive heat. Two forms of lotion are body lotion and hand lotion they come in different size bottles and target certain areas of the body. Body lotion targets larger parts of the body. Using directly after cleaning the body will help your skin feel smooth and nourish. The unscented body lotion is for those who tend to have hives, targeting those sensitive moments the body tends to go through time-to-time. Scented body lotion leaves the skin smelling like a bouquet and undamaged.

Unilever is a major cosmetic company, producing Aveeno, Dove, Johnson and Johnson, Olay, St. Ives, Vaseline, and more brands to heal the skin. Each company brand is dissimilar to the body. Changing consumer preferences by law and regulations for individual countries, and internal safety assessment are key factors for Unilever brands. Best to base what brands you use by your skin type. Many brands are diverse, while others target specific skin types.

Small amount, perfect moisture
Small amount, perfect moisture

Wildlife Inspire

Pouring inspiration from nature natural remedies these establishments have specified a new era of lotion. The Crabtree and Evelyn is a global luxury brand, emerging in the late 1900s specializing in fine soaps as the founder travel, he began to discover English flower, toilet waters, bath gels, and men colognes making part of the company. Flowers, fruits, and plant essence brought the company alive. Expanding into seven countries, Crabtree and Evelyn is the top nature inspired brand hitting the market. The second largest nature inspired company infuses apricot, coconut, cranberry, and Shea butter in their products for its natural exfoliants. Every production product by St. Ives leaves the skin radiantly smooth with a natural exfoliant experience. All natural exfoliants lotions contain coconut, oatmeal, plant-based glycerin, soybean oil, and walnut shell powder.

What better way to brighten your skin.
What better way to brighten your skin. | Source

Ecosystem Friendly

Conveying making the world a better place to live. Providing an ecosystem program for a healthier lifestyle has carried a powerful message. Recycling provides healthier breathable air for everyone curing the ozone layer by reusing containers is a step in the right direction. Donating water bottles is no different from donating makeup containers. Malls and restaurants are advocates for cleaner air, how often do you get rewarded to help clean the earth. Whether it is a job or hobby it is enjoyable to get gifts for doing your part in creating a better world. Kehl's once identified as Brunswick Apotheke developed its brand in the mid-1800s. Including calendula, lavender, rosa arctica, squalene, and vitamin C in their product ingredients for a rich, soft body. Their recycling program is offered at nearby stores giving their customers the option to participate in continuing this tradition. In the late 1800s Origins, slight approach to beauty created a high performance of skincare. Engineering product practices combining natural essential oil, purifying, renewable resources, testing, and wind energy. Deciding not to use the typical ingredients in all their products, instead, they placed charcoal, coffee beans, rice, and white tea along with other plants and fruits in their products.

Modern Companies

Committed bringing empowerment to the skin owner by offering exclusive products for all skin types the companies partnered with Unilever have given skincare a new image since the early 2000s. Some products did come along before the twentieth century. However, the partnership with Unilever lands them in the modern cosmetic lotions.

Dedication to empowering women through their products is Dove's number one goal. Filling their lotion with antiperspirants, nourishing creams, and vitamins give a woman a chance for anxiety-free lifestyle. Acknowledge for the efforts of bringing real care products through the elements Cream Oil Shea Butter and Cream Oil Intensive Care. Two innovative popular products hitting every shelf in stores. Both nourishing sensitive and dry skin sure to heal any damage skin on parts of the body. A brand targeting sensitive skin is used on all skin types is Olay, creating a different type of care through their brand. Their website gives the most accurate skin analysis to showcase the faultless product for your skin. Talking to a dermatologist is always better than testing products out yourself. Yes, it is our body and we know our body well, but the body does go through unexpected unexplained journeys.
Skin experts turned the oldest form of jelly into the most popular lotion for dry, rough skin call it the healing lotion. First discovering in its raw form, officially developing the name Vaseline shortly after the triple purification system was formed. Vaseline appeared in every home cabinet and on every store shelf. Branded for providing hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products a few bandits began to replicate the product. Picking up on the new trend Vaseline put a stop by investing in the blue seal for customers to tell the difference between the authentic and duplicates.

Their diversity change to the medical field during World War II. Johnson and Johnson crafted cotton balls, gauze, and needles to heal wounded soldiers. Their mark in the medical field soon led them to cosmetics skin care most trusted by parents. Helping families by producing hypoallergenic and paraben-free products for newborns and infants gives Johnson and Johnson a step in the cosmetic field.

As we read, lotion is a simple product that gives more than the name leads on, its more than a cosmetic use its healing tool for the skin you desire. Many brands are not just lotion brands branching out in several areas gives everyone a chance for healthy smooth skin. Differentiating the brands from one another is often tough until tested your own skin.

Fun Facts: Lotion is..

  • A primary ingredient in making your own face primer.
  • Baby oil is a substitute for shiny soft skin.
  • Enrich with Aloe and Vitamin E is good for shaving.
  • Help get stuck jewelry mainly rings unstuck from the finger.
  • Known to be a late middle English word combine with Old French.
  • Use as a moisturizer if applying a thick layer of the skin.

What brand is more beneficial for you?

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