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Louboutin VS Manolo Blahnik

Updated on November 26, 2013

Meet the Men behind the Seams

Though they are from different backgrounds, Mr Manolo and Mr. Louboutin have both changed the name of shoes. However they have become too attainable, making the shoes seem somewhat a bit diminished in the allure. Fortunately, celebrities and the rich still come back for more, rubbing some of their sparkle off on these renowned items.

BEGINNINGS Christian Louboutin Shoes Sundance Channel

Facts about Louboutin:

  • Louboutin does not have a high school diploma
  • Louboutin ran away from home when he was a teenager
  • Louboutin's net worth is more than $250 million

Manolo Blahnik interview at Liberty's 'The World of Manolo'

Facts about Manolo Blahnik:

  • Manolo is a college graduate
  • Manolo took out a $2,000 plus loan to open up his first store
  • Monolo is part of the Order of the British Empire

Classic Vs Free Spirited

Sex and the Shoe: Carrie Bradshaw a.k.a Sarah Jessica Parker shows us she embraces both iconic brands

SJP holding a Manolo shoe
SJP holding a Manolo shoe
Carrie also appreciates the red bottom
Carrie also appreciates the red bottom

Who fits the Shoe?

Which Designer do you prefer: Louboutin or Manolo Blanik?

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      ashley 3 years ago

      Manolo best