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Lush Bath Bombs

Updated on July 2, 2012

We've already discussed fabulous Lush bubble bath bars, and how much we love them. Today, we're going to discuss Lush bath bombs, and how incredibly cool they are. First, let's explain what they do:

Plunk one of these bath bomb balls into the tub, and it starts fizzing like mad. As it dissolves, essential oils and other goodies are released into the water -- so much so, that many women claim it does a better job of moisturizing their skin than lotion does.

What makes these ultra hip, however, are the bits inside. Some of them contain rice paper flower petals, some contain bits of chocolate, others contain glitter, and so on. Not ALL of them contain something, but many do. Take a look at the ingredients if you want to be sure you get one that does or doesn't.

Lush says you should put an entire ball into the tub -- but many people break them in half, or into quarters, to get more use out of them. As I mentioned with the Lush bubble bath bars, I get probably 5 baths out of 1 bar which is meant to last 1 bath. It all depends on what type of bath you want to run.

Lush Sex Bomb

How can you resist a bath bomb with this name? If you're not fantasizing about Tom Jones before it's all over, something is wrong with you! This one contains rice paper rose petals, so your bath will be filled them once the ball is dissolved. This one is also said to be extremely moisturizing. And we can be sure it smells fantastic, cos everything from Lush smells like heaven.

Price: $5.95

Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

I am a HUGE fan of all things vanilla, so this is a no-brainer for me. Want your body to feel like it's made of silk? This is your bath bomb, sister. Set a few vanilla scented candles around the bathtub and tell your man to come in and give you a back-rub while you soak your troubles away.

Price: $4.95

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't a clue how to pronounce this one, and I've even less of a clue as to what it could mean. But, then again, who cares? This thing looks so neato, I'd feel bad to crumble it up! The Tisty Tosty is made from rose and orris, so if you're a fan of those scents, say hello to your new bath bomb.

Price: $5.80

Big Blue Bath Bomb

Even I can tell that's supposed to be the Earth, and all that blue is supposed to symbolize the ocean. Pretty clever, considering this one is made of sea salt and is said to smell like the ocean breeze. Perfect for those living light years away from the seaside!

Price: $5.80

Youki-Hi Bath Bomb

This is a pretty wild-looking bath bomb, innit? You gotta love that orange. It's perky enough to make Pigpen want to soak in the tub. This little bit of heaven smells of lavender and lemon, and will leave your skin silky-smooth. You may even consider sharing it with your man the next time you have a little you-&-him time.

Price: $5.85


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