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Luxury perfume from France: N-Cigale

Updated on November 28, 2015

N-Cigale, a new French perfume brand

One of France's modern luxury brands now has perfume: N-Cigale

These days, the whole world has a soft heart for France after the attacks they suffered. One of the particularly discordant aspects is that France has, for centuries, been a global center for fun times, chic things, elegance, art and excellence.The nation made particular strides towards being the stewards of luxury under Louis XIV, "The Sun King". As a political maneuver, he kept the most noble of aristocracy busy at Versailles (his out of town palace) trying to outdo each other in being glamorous and on-trend. Thus occupied, they had no time for coups! These days, maybe the whole planet would be best served by concentrating on luxury, instead of war.

You may not be familiar in the US with N-Cigale, the French luxury brand . . . but it's time you should! Sculptor, decorator and art director Patrick Veillet takes inspiration from such far-flung sources as ancient Greece, Asia, Hopi Indian mythology and cicadas in imagining his creations. Veillet's headquarters are in a prestigious section of Marseilles, France on "5 Rue de la Prison"! You can't forget that address.

According to industry well-regarded, "He wanted to take three of the most popular and even over-used perfume notes, worn out to the level of air fresheners, and make new fragrances to revive their glory. The notes of pine, lavender and fig were chosen to return to us, just like cicadas emerge from their underground life every 13 years." One would be well-served to read that perfume review, as it's almost like getting a PhD in the line!

I found Pin de Calanques to be quite modern and fresh. Fresh pine is softened by powdery notes and a touch of sweetness. It dries down to sensual salty-skin notes. I would definitely consider this a unisex perfume, perfect for men or cutting edge styled women.

Pin Mystic is definitely masculine. It begins as a brisk, almost minty pine, then dries down into dark woody, leather and pipe tobacco notes.

Lavande Velours is unisex, with a particularly herbal burst of lavender at the beginning, drying to warmer, green-mossy notes.

Black Lavender is unisex but will be particularly beloved by women, with its sweeter lavender and vanilla-like notes. I also detected pink peppercorns adding spice.

Figue Orientale is also unisex. Sweet fig opens alongside lots of peppery, exotic spices. It dries to a fresh-toasted wood note.

Figue Fresh is masculine. Yes, there's a small opening of sweet fig, but the greenery of fig plants is front and center. The greenery has its own fresh fragrance, much the way tomato plants are different from the actual fruit. It dries down to a light, white peppery scent.

Any of these perfumes would make an unexpected, new and sophisticated gift for the holidays!


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      Simran SIngh Wadhwa 2 years ago from India

      I wish.. i could have it..