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MAC Jeanius, Your Denim Cosmetic

Updated on January 5, 2011

Just when you thought cosmetics and make up were for pretty girly girls, not women who can change a NASCAR tire and ride a wild brumby across the Australian outback, MAC has come up with an innovative cosmetic collection guaranteed to turn even the grimiest tomboy's head.

Jeanius is comprised of a eye shadows (with denim textures embedded in the compact case, of course,) lipsticks, 'lipglass' (because lip gloss is so 2009,) blush and nail polish.The colors are functional, blues and grays with a little hint of pearl for additional shine. Lips are largely neutral, though there are options if you simply must highlight the lip area. The nail laquers are something of a wonder to behold in two bold styles.

All in all, this is a must-have collection for 2011, it strikes out in a bold new direction, combining functionality with femininity. This is makeup you can wear to a club or at the garage. It's make up that will serve you well at an official state function and also won't look too terribly out of place on the side of a mountain. You could break land speed records in this, build a gigantic robot scorpion and still be complimented at tea time for your impeccable appearance.

Shall we examine the range?

Jeanius Nail Lacquer

Biker Blue A dramatic blue nail polish sprinkled with hints of baby blue and pink red. It's hard, it's metal, its everything you want to be.

Frayed To Order A pretty pinky pearl but largely white nail color that still manages to hold an edge.

Jeanius Eyeshadow

All the eyeshadows in the range come in pearlescent tones, as do the lipsticks. This is clearly an effort to impart some glamor and shine in to what might otherwise be a very dull and dreary plebian affair.

Diva In Distress A middling gray with a silvery pearl sheen.

Motorhead A middling blue with a copper sheen. Probably my favorite of the collection because it is so rock and roll. Bowie would wear this.

Stove Pipe Black Also pretty high on my personal list, black with copper tones! Pretend that you're a race car! Or, a stove pipe.

White Jeanius As one might expect, the 'White Jeanius' shade is simply white with a bit of pearl to make sure you don't look like you've simply been rubbing your eyes over an old school blackboard.

Jeanius Lipstick

There are three lipsticks in the Jeanius collection,which makes listing them all not too much of a terrible chore.

Acid Washed Grayish A pearl beige color, aka, shiny brown, for those of us who never let a beige claim pass us by.

Pretty Please A pearl pink, a welcome touch of softness amongst all the rough denim about the place.

Riveting Rose Deep Deeper, dramatic burgundy color, for those times when you just want your lips to pop. 


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