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The Best Foundation To Even Out Red or Blotchy Skin

Updated on October 25, 2015

MAC Studio Tech foundation changed my life!

Like most red-heads, I have very pale skin with many pink and red undertones. In the hot or cold weather my skin can look very blotchy and uneven. MAC Studio Tech foundation changed my life!

When I wear foundation, my goal is to even out my skin tone and get that flawless finish. For most of my make-up wearing years, I’d used liquid foundation. I’d tried the more expensive, department store brands like Clinique and Prescriptives and the more economical drug store brands, like Revlon and Loreal.

Although the brands and costs were different, the one similarity was- none of them really did the job. My pink and red undertones always remained somewhat visible. If I used a heavier hand, you noticed make-up not my skin.

One day I was shopping at a department store and started browsing the make-up counters. I made my way to the M.A.C. Cosmetics counter and began perusing the foundations. (FYI: MAC Stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics.) A M.A.C. employee approached me and asked if I needed help. “New foundation” I blurted. She asked if I wanted a liquid and I said that “I usually use that- but what do you recommend?”.

The gal returned with MAC Studio Tech solid foundation in the shade NC15- one of their lightest… Recommended for red-heads like me. I plopped down in the make-up artist’s chair, she removed the make-up I had on, then she applied a little bit of moisturizer. Next, using a MAC make-up brush, she applied the Studio Tech Foundation.

With a light hand, she brushed the foundation over my entire face then handed me a make-up mirror. When I saw myself, I remember thinking, ‘Wow!”. You could not see any of my pink and red undertones and you could barley see that I was wearing make-up. I was sold.

I spent the $29.00 for a 10g compact and an additional $35 for a MAC brand make-up brush. After a little practice at home, I was able to achieve the same effect as the department store make-up artist. And the 10g compact lasted about four months.

The MAC Studio Tech line comes in 27 shades, so you should be able to find something whether you are a red-head, blond or brunette!

If you have tried everything and want something new, I highly recommend testing out this line. I don’t work for MAC.. I am just a happy customer.

The Sales Pitch From the MAC Website

The MAC website describes the Studio Tech foundation as “A tri-system blend of water, emollients and powder. Looks solid, glides on as a soft, creamy emulsion. Provides a natural matte, powder-perfect finish.

Smooth to blend, easy to work with: provides a full range of coverage. Light diffusing: softens lines, creates a fresh, flawless finish. Good on all skin types.

Studio Tech is dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested, non-acnegenic and safe for contact lens wearers.”

MAC studio tech foundation
MAC studio tech foundation

Found Something New..

Since I penned this original Hub, I have tried two other MAC foundation products. The MAC Select Moistureblend, compact foundation is a creamier version of the MAC Studio product, and contains a SPF 15 sunscreen with UVA/UVB and anti-oxidant protection. I tend to use this during the day and the MAC studio product at night.

I also veered from my own advice and tried the MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation- which is a liquid not a powder. I thought the liquid would be a lighter product to use during the summer, but it just does NOT even out my skin. I used it a few times and then abandoned it.

The MAC compact foundation products are the ones for me!

Found another great product

It is now 2015, and I have switched my foundation yet again to a product that is much lighter on your skin, yet also evens out the redness and blotchiness. It is called "Skin" foundation from BobbiBrown cosmetics. This is my new, favorite!

Where To Buy MAC Cosmetics

Almost every major department store chain has a MAC Cosmetics counter. There are also some upscale malls that have MAC Cosmetic stores.

If you are an internet shopper, you can buy direct from the MAC Cosmetics website or, Ebay and a few other sources.


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