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Updated on June 9, 2016

Want your dream, fairytale wedding at an exotic location? There is something innately more romantic about a getaway destination wedding. Maybe it is because the weddings are on a smaller scale with an exclusive guest list, or maybe it is the exotic ambience of a faraway 'wonderland' full of fun, or a fairy wedding just like we dreamt about when we were girls. Whatever the reason, your guests are bound to witness a wedding they'll never forget!

Dressing up for the occasion is half the fun of any wedding, and for a destination wedding it is double the fun! While you feel the joy of discovering the romantic side of your 'prince charming' in your new destination, you get to experiment with a gorgeous bridal look. Your bridal lehengas at your destination wedding should make you feel like a goddess! Try on many styles before you decide and be picky and make sure it is still about you, without letting the new surroundings overpower you.

If you are worried about the logistics and cost, first find a good travel agent whom you trust to arrange everything - except your lehengas, of course - leave that to your tailor. Otherwise, if you are a modern bride with a keen eye for fashion, and you know what you want, find your beautiful bridal lehenga online shopping!

Rajasthani Wedding - Udaipur or Jaipur

Royalty and Rajasthan go hand in hand where venues are concerned, so your lehengas have to befit royalty too! Udaipur has a wide choice of princely palaces, which have been converted to wedding hotels. Jagmandir Island Palace and Zanana Mahal is a royally grand picks for a Fairytale-themed wedding in Udaipur. They have been transformed mainly for hosting big fat Indian weddings, events, and musical soirees. So are Jai Mahal Palace and Rambagh Palace in Jaipur for a relaxing environment away from the bustle of the main city.

In these grand wedding hotels your guests may feel lost, so don’t forget to make it fun for them at the ceremonies. You can have a fortune teller, DIY jewellery, a palm reader or a tarot card reader to keep them engaged. Fire up your festivities of your Mehendi evening by theming it "Ram-Leela". Announce a traditional Gujarati or Rajasthani dress code in your invitation card, to keep your dazzling designer bridal lehenga in tune with theirs. Enjoy watching them swinging in glittery ghagra cholis and bandhni safaas!

If you have a Bollywood-themed Sangeet, you can ask your guests to be dressed like the movie. Host a mini fashion show and make them walk the "runway" in designer lehengas and long anarkali suits and anarkali gowns to complement your bridal lehenga in Bollywood style. Build the ambience by playing your favorite Hindi film songs from childhood and popular chartbusters to keep the guest entertained all night long! Pick a venue that you know will have awesome catering. Food plays a huge role in making your guests happy, even when something else isn't quite perfect.

Caribbean Island Wedding

Also, remember to keep the climate, décor and local culture in mind when you advise your bridesmaids, mother and guests on what to wear accordingly - if you look like a goddess, they can't go looking ordinary either.

If you love warm weather, there are many tropical islands to pick from in the Caribbean. Have a beachfront backdrop for your wedding ceremony at a holiday resort in breezy Aruba, Bermuda, fabulous Fiji, jazzy Jamaica or the Bahamas or go for a Hawaiian Wedding. The air is filled with exotic scented flowers, graceful banyan trees, immaculate beaches and crystal clear turquoise blue waters! Pick a lehenga that is floral and pastels or citrus hues to blend with the atmosphere. Look feminine in lemon yellow, peach, coral, orange or blue lehengas to contrast with white sandy beaches, tropical fruits and fresh lobster delicacies!

Greek Island Wedding

Do you want a big fat Greek wedding? You may need to plan way ahead, but it's worth it! Like the others, Greece has all the ingredients for a romantic wedding filled with fresh Mediterranean cuisine, local wines. For an even more romantic backdrop, head to Santorini, with white-washed windmill houses and Aegean sea-views. Mykonos also has marvelous beach parties and a cosmopolitan if that interests you. Ask your guests to go Greek wearing drape style long gowns, Indo-western sarees. Your designer bridal lehengas can also have a strong Indo-Western influence.

If you want a quiet wedding, consider Crete; it gives the perfect blend of ancient civilizations and scenic beaches, with Venetian and French architecture. Rhodes is another lesser-known island that is medieval - the best time to visit them all is from May to October for the best weather.

Whatever destination you choose, the purpose of having your dreams comes true will be achieved dressed in fairytale style! So plan ahead for those special getaway wedding lenghas for yourself, your bridesmaids and guests. Visit Simaaya Fashions online store and get high-quality lehengas with shipping worldwide.


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