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Madonna is Much More Than Just Her Signature Gloves

Updated on March 21, 2016

Madonna is much more than her signature gloves. Madonna is an amazing artist. I have always admired her work. And yet, in her youth she was a true rebel. A rebel beyond even the 1960's hippies. A rebel who dared to shock. Yet, when you listened to her music, looked beyond the shocking lyrics and even more outrageous clothing that she clearly "staged" to shock, she is truly entertaining and very talented. Sadly, during the Golden Globes one of my favorite stars has not been very gracious towards her talents. Madonna is legend. A true artist who has worked hard for her stardom and has earned her fame and fortune. Today she is a model of fitness. Her workout routine is stated to be around 4 hours a day. From her youthful figure and energy, I don't doubt she has expended the time and effort. The results do show. We can step back in time with the increase of target toning and cardio and healthy eating but we cannot hide the age on our neck or our hands. To this end, Madonna continues to set new fashion trends with fingerless gloves. I love gloves and find they are both sanitary and elegant. While the fingerless ones are not my first choice, journey with me as we explore Madonna today with her signature gloves and Madonna back in the 1980s in the days of Like a Virgin, etc... Stay with us til the end and see firsthand some of the most beautiful dolls in the world - all Madonna dolls. Not all of Madonna dolls wore gloves but the ones we will showcase here all include signature gloves.

Typical phrases for Madonna include:

"True American Original"

"Outrageous Moments"

And two great quotes from the actress, song writer and director herself:

"Behind the curtain, I am just like everyone else." Madonna

"Lady Gaga reminds me of myself." Madonna

The hot story today is not Madonna's gloves but her winning song for best original song from the 2012 Golden Globes. She won for the song in W.E. called Masterpiece. I see no reason to repeat jealous vicious words here. I will give you some background information for you to make your own judgement. You see Madonna is more than just gloves, she is much more than a glamorous doll, she has caused us to question our religion and our clothing mores and she is a fantastic entertainer. Most of all, I am proud of how she has handled the comparison with Lady Gaga. She is not jealous or mad at someone copying her. She accepts Lady Gaga and recognizes a kindred spirit. You see, Madonna is a well rounded women who is confident in her talents. Her brilliance in creativity has shown throughout the years, now her graciousness as a human being has been showcased. Kudos to the Queen of Pop Rock.

Famous Quote by Madonna

"I want to be like Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, and John Lennon... but I want to stay alive."


Famous Quote by Madonna

"I was sacked from Dunkin' Donuts for squirting the donuts jelly all over the customers."


Famous Quote by Madonna

"Be strong, believe in freedom and in God, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humor, masturbate, don't judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits, love life and your family."


Famous Quote by Madonna

"I'd like to think I am taking people on a journey; I am not just entertaining people, but giving them something to think about when they leave."


Madonna - A Woman of Courage

Fighting for freedom is always associated with Martin Luther King and Ghandi. Yet women have even in the United States, even in the 21st century been left behind. The social standards have dictated that skeletons remain in your closet. Only bad girls do...only bad girls do the many things that Madonna has done. From wearing seductive clothing in public, to using words normally attributed to a very strict religion, to even the symbols of her jewelry - her cross. She has challenged the very core of the strongest religions in the world and in many ways liberated men and women by expressing what many would like to say.

The Journey Madonna Has Taken Us Upon

Is she a freedom fighter or just a rebel that fired from Dunkin Donuts? Or is she a mirror of what many men and women would like to say?

At every juncture, Madonna has taken us on a journey:

  • Madonna's journey has returned us to our virginity ("like a virgin").
  • Madonna's journey has taught us life is "like a prayer".
  • Madonna's journey has taught us to "love ourselves" (from her 2006 song Secret).
  • Madonnas' journey has taught us "our eyes only see what we want to see" (from her 2006 song Frozen).
  • Madonna's journey has taught us "the power of good-bye" (from her 2006 song The Power of Good-Bye). (Author's note: the power of good-bye is our own free will - we are running the chest game, we choose to stay or to go).
  • Madonna's journey has taught us "everybody, come on, dance and sing" (from her 1982 song Everybody.)
  • Madonna's journey has taught us "you must be my lucky star" (from her1982 song Lucky Star).

Madonna's insightful lyrics showcases that "You may be my lucky star - But I'm the luckiest by far" and she takes us on a journey that has taught us that we the audience are the luckiest by far. For you see, the world is richer with freedom of expression and that is Madonna's gift to all of us.

Famous Quote by Madonna

"Because I've taken my clothes off in public doesn't mean that I've revealed every inch of my soul."


Famous Quote by Madonna

"It is difficult to believe in a religion that places such a high premium on chastity and virginity."

Famous Quote by Madonna

“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want.”

Madonna quote

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”

Madonna quote

Madonna's Golden Globes Best Song- Masterpiece from the Film WE

Madonna Quote - Love Unconditionally

"To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. To just give. That takes courage; because we don't want to fall on our faces or leave ourselves open to hurt."


All The Fuss About the Movie W.E.

The movie W.E. is about the life of Wallis Simpson and Edward VII, from the standpoint of Wallis herself and a woman obsessed by the love story albeit 6 decades apart - a woman by the name of Wally Winthrop. Ironically Wally was named after Wallis from her own mother's fascination with Wallis Simpson. It was filmed in the United States, France and London. This is Madonna's second movie where she had directed the film. The critics were unabashedly hateful of Madonna's directing skill in this movie.

The movie's name comes from "W"allis and "E"dward and always ending their letters together. There is a photo of Edward and Wallis with the words handwritten "W E are two. 1938"

Madonna has stated she has felt an affinity to Wallis. She, like Wallis, was living in England as an American trying to fit in. Sadly, Wallis was never accepted. Fortunately for Madonna, Europe and even England have embraced this great star.

The story goes that while Madonna was married to Guy Ritchie for only 8 years and yet her fascination with the love story of Wallis and Edward remained long after her marriage and two children with Guy Ritchie.

Madonna as you will recall directed the 2008 film called 'Filth and Wisdom'. Madonna had conceived the idea of W.E. before the film Filth and Wisdom but felt she needed a bigger budget.

The song "Masterpiece" sadly was not eligible for the 84th Academy Awards because the song starts after the final credits. The song must start before the credit role in order to be considered. The song was composed by Madonna, Jimmy Harry and Julie Frost.

Madonna literally put her heart and soul and her furniture into this movie:.

‘I literally robbed my own house to dress the set’, she says. ‘Half the paintings and drapes came from my home. Every day we would go there and pick up different bits of furniture’.

Devotion to a Movie or to a Dream

The devotion Madonna had to this movie and her passion for her art, I have to wonder if the devotion was really an infinity to Wallis or a dream of wanting to be loved like Wallis.

Madonna's inner feelings appear in her many quotes and provide an insight into this complex women.

But isn't this complex woman inside of all us?

Beyond the obvious artistic talent, Madonna acts out in dress and vocals some of the things that we as females would like to say.

Madonna Doll with Gloves

Madonna Doll with Gloves
Madonna Doll with Gloves | Source

Madonna with Purple Gloves

The Madonna doll pictured at the right is my personal favorite. It is much more lively than the typical Like a Virgin white outfit, much more vibrant than the black riding outfit (albeit that outfit is purely sensual) and perhaps more mainstream than her most famous outfits.

You see, I like Madonna mainstream. I like her wild music but appreciate her even more when she lets her hair down and showcases that she is a Mother in addition to being a musician and entertainer.

Miniature Couture - Madonna Dolls

Madonna is celebrated in a miniature form via a doll and hailed for Couture. Yes, the crazy designs that she wears holds the label Couture! Couture means high-quality fashion by a designer. Imagine someone actually designing these! Wow - Picasso inspired.

Don't believe me - listen to the quote byMario Paglino & Gianni Grossi.

Mario Paglino & Gianni Grossi: "She is some kind of a model for us as she is our canvas to translate our fashion inspirations and create miniaturized Couture.
She is not a perfect lady, and is ready to change clothes thousand of times, but remain stylish. She never complains when we treat her badly… Boiling her head to shape her hair or sewing on her skin pieces of fabrics, whatever, she keeps on smiling.

Seriously we love the way Barbie has changed in the past five decades and this evolution exemplifies to kids what fashion is. For a kid she symbolises freedom of expression, she is a media to express creativity, power and imagination."

Magia 2000 Creation of Beauty - Madonna in Miniature

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Madonna in Miniature Madonna in Miniature Madonna in Miniature - at W.E. Premier crafted by Magia2000 of Mario PaglinoMadonna in Miniature Madonna in Miniature Madonna in Miniature Madonna in Miniature Madonna in Miniature Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature - at W.E. Premier crafted by Magia2000 of Mario Paglino
Madonna in Miniature - at W.E. Premier crafted by Magia2000 of Mario Paglino | Source
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature | Source
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature
Madonna in Miniature

Paglino and Grossi One of Kind Dolls

Who are Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi? They are designers who have created one-of-a-kind dolls. Their focus upon celebrity dolls have taken them to craft dolls in resemblance of Madonna and Cher. Their work is exquisite as you would expect from the age old tradition of handcrafted Italy. They bring alive in miniature form the glamor and excitement of these entertainers that transcend us the audience into a new experience.

Madonna and Gloves - Today

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Madonna and Gloves in the 1980s


Who is Madonna?

Madonna has challenged us with her words, her lyrics, her dress. Madonna has reinvented herself throughout her career. She is often admired and often hated. Whatever your thoughts, she has kept us entertained awaiting the next chapter.

Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone (Italian pronunciation: [tʃik̚ˈkoːne]chee-co-nay ); born in Bay City, Michigan on August 16, 1958) is an American singer-songwriter, actress and entrepreneur. Born in Bay City, Michigan, she moved to New York City in 1977 to pursue a career in modern dance.

Madonna has not had a hit film since Evita in 1996. Her career as a songwriter and entertainer has been stunning. Her career in movies has been labelled "troublesome". Her courage to

Madonna Today is Different From Yesterday

The Madonna we see today is much more conservative than the Madonna of yesteryear. Yet the strength and creativity prevail in her career and her dress. She no longer needs the shocking jewels and cleavage of her youth. She has reinvented herself and stepped up to a new challenge of directing movies.

Breaking through the glass of being accepted is something Madonna has done her whole life. And unlike Wallis Simpson, she has been successful at it. This latest movie venture is a testament to her as an artist who can challenge herself and craft her own career.

Madonna has always been known as an astute businesswoman. The latest chapter of director is a mountain she has chosen to climb. While she may not be at the pinnacle of that mountain as yet, boys, listen to my words - don't count her out. Madonna is a formidable force at whatever she sets her mind to. I say "boys" because the men seem to have a more difficult time allowing Madonna in this elite circle. And yet it is women who often control the marketplace. Bashing Madonna's talent only lessens the spokesperson in the mind of the public. The moment of fame with the harsh words simply leaves a tarnish on you not on the one you are bashing. Step up to the opera box and leave a legacy - that is the trail that Madonna is now blazing.

Like a Virgin - Madonna

Madonna Dolls with Gloves

Madonna Doll with Gloves
Madonna Doll with Gloves | Source
Madonna Doll with Gloves
Madonna Doll with Gloves | Source
Madonna by Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi - Magia2000
Madonna by Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi - Magia2000 | Source
Madonna Doll with Gloves
Madonna Doll with Gloves | Source
Madonna Doll with Gloves
Madonna Doll with Gloves | Source

Barbie Doll and Madonna

Ruth Handler who invented Barbie had a mantra for women - "Be all that you can be". To this end, Madonna is the ultimate Barbie Doll. She has taken the world on a journey with her vocal opinions and outrageous dress (or undress) and has questioned our beliefs. The philosophy she holds for freedom and expression is truly in the spirit of the founding father of the United States - albeit her expression is clearly intended to be scandalous. Did she want or need to get our attention? Would we have listened if she her words were not so strong? Would we have looked if her costumes were not so elaborate? The answers don't matter to those two questions, the real question is has Madonna taken us on a journey? Have we learned something from that journey?

Beyond Marilyn Monroe

"I'd love to be a memorable figure in the history of entertainment in some sexual, comic, tragic way. I'd like to leave the impression that Marilyn Monroe did, to be able to arouse so many different feelings in people."


Fashion Couture - Talented Entertainer - Share Your Thoughts

You have heard my views. What do you think?

The great thing about Madonna is everyone has an opinion.

I believe she is legendary and her music will be timeless. I admire her voice, her songs and I appreciate her shocking me and shocking society - I feel that we needed to be awakened and question the norms.

What do you think of Madonna's vocal opinions? Share with us your favorite Madonna song or favorite Madonna quote.

Share Your Opinion About Madonna

Will Madonna Live On Beyond the Stardom of Marilyn Monroe?

See results

Famous Quote - Never Forget to Dream

"Never forget to dream."



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