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Magical Vintage Lingerie For Men

Updated on February 23, 2010

Lingerie has gone through plenty of permutations throughout its history, and indeed, some vintage lingerie is just as popular now as it was back when it was modern lingerie. In fact, there are plenty of lingerie manufacturers who use vintage styles to create modern day lingerie, but there's nothing like the real deal. If you've never spared much time for vintage lingerie, then you are in for a real treat today with a few pieces I've selected from the 1920's and 1930's.

1920's Lingerie Charm

This lovely green / yellow /  orange-cream  lace lined vintage lingerie set (from was created in the late 1920's or early 1930's. As one might expect, there is a great deal more fabric than one sees in modern lingerie, and also as one might expect, a great deal of detail has gone into the trimming of the lingerie, much more than you see in most modern lingerie pieces. In spite of any notions of prudishness one might have about the 1920's, it is also interesting to note that the pantaloons are quite obviously see through.

1930's Rayon Revolution

This lingerie advertisement is from the 1930's, when Rayon was beginning to make its mark on the lingerie world. Synthetic fabrics changed the way lingerie was made and indeed, how accessible it was to the general public. Even though the photo is black and white, you can see clearly that the lingerie here is much shinier and perhaps even a little more robust than the 1920's piece. Ornamentation continues with floral patterns about the upper line of the top and on the legs of the bottoms.

Image from:

1930's French Silk Lingerie

This lovely french silk nightgown was also conceived in the 1930's. It has a very french flavor in the 'peasant' style top, which was hand embroidered in Rue St Honore, which is the lingerie equivalent of a car that rolled out of Ford's original production line.

According to Vintage Textiles, where the item is listed, 'The soft curves and luxurious silk set the mood; the exquisite hand embroidery and dainty hand finishing details have an irresistible feminine appeal.' They also claim that vintage lingerie has nigh magical powers of seduction, which I'd believe. They simply don't make lingerie like this these days, unless one is prepared to purchase one off pieces from designers, it is unlikely that one will enjoy the attention to detail, the stunning design (just look at the way the sleeves are a work of art in themselves.)

Of course, even today, a piece like this costs a pretty penny. Just $650 to the right buyer.


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    • profile image

      phil aka phyliss 7 years ago

      I grew up in the late 40's early 50's and just adore vintage panties,slips,etc. They were so pretty and dainty. Of course,they were also the first I wore. It is a shame manufacturers have gone to such plain looking attire. The sublimal pressure to make women equal to men by making women's things so causal as to be somewhat drab.

    • Francine Brice profile image

      Francine Brice 7 years ago from Columbia, Missouri

      Like lovelypaper said:

      I enjoy this hub. I love most anything vintage, but Lingerie is my favorite!

      When I go through my emails it is always enjoyable to see one of your new hubs!

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      I like this hub. I love anything vintage. Great job.