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Insane Magnetic Underwear By Dement

Updated on November 9, 2010
Dement... for all those times you want to pick up quarters in a casino without anybody noticing.
Dement... for all those times you want to pick up quarters in a casino without anybody noticing.

Lingerie Dement, a French company name that rolls off the tongue (assuming you pronounce it with a French accent and don't butcher it with horrid colonial intonations) has created a long needed innovation in the underwear industry - magnetic underwear. Or, to be precise, brassieres that are fastened not by archaic eye and hook structures, but by magnets. Magnets! How do they work!?

For reasons that are not entirely clear, though one imagines a hefty dose of nerdy symmetry was involved, the company also makes matching knickers that also have magnetic fastenings (though to be honest, if you've reached the point where getting out of your own undies seems to be more of a challenge than you can handle, magnetic snaps may not be of all that much help.

There are currently two different sets on sale, one, called the Volant, features ruffles and other decoration and is suited to women of a smaller frame and bust size. The other, called the 'Charmant' goes all the way up to the giddy heights of a D (so no plus sizes or even particularly curvy sizes are available in the range.)

Interestingly enough, whilst the Volant is adorned with all manner of pretty frills, the Charmant's claim to fame is that it is 'invisible under clothing'. I suspected this might mean that the designer had gone the 'big girls only need beige route', (thought a reasonably proportioned woman who is a D cup need not be big by any means), however I was pleased to note that this range appears to be simply quite meshy, and its claims to invisibility undoubtedly rise from the minimalist nature of the fabric from which they are concocted.

Lingerie Dement (which can be translated to Insane Lingerie if one wishes to have all company names translated into English, which is very tyrannical of you) is certainly an innovator in the world of fashion. One wonders however, how effective the magnets are in providing necessary support, though perhaps we should not rush to judge too quickly. France is, after all, the country from which the design for the Eiffel tower sprung, I am sure we can trust them to stick a few magnets in some fabric and have them work. (Though clearly, given the D cup limitation of this particular range, there are limits.)

Indeed, magnets and clothing may have a bright future. Imagine being able to lay out your clothes for the next day simply by sticking them to the fridge? Or never being at a loss for a paperclip again because you'll consistently have several clinging to your hip whether you want it or not.


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