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How To Pesonalize Your LG Ally Unique

Updated on April 11, 2012

This article will help readers personalize your smartphone. The LG ally is a truly unique device. Trying to understand how to modify the parameters of home and screen can be difficult. Customize your LG ally to fit your personality and style with the guidelines presented here.

A good way to add style to your device through the wallpaper. Wallpaper is a picture or design you set the screen. There are three types of wallpapers: wallpapers wallpaper gallery and live. The first image, which was designed exclusively for Android,is a static image. Live Wallpapers are those that have advanced features, such as moving images that change based on time or provide other information, depending on where you touch. The gallery is the photo on the phone, which can come from your personal collection, internet, friends or other sources. You need to resize the image to fit the background image, but you can use any image you want as your background. To change the background image, press the Menu button or touch a screen of home screen and select Background. You can then choose to provide background images, wallpapers or Live Gallery. Once you've decided which one you like, simply save the image and your done.

The next thing you want to do is customize the home screen. The Android's user interface lets users move icons around or delete them if you do not want them. When you do not want an icon just drag the icon into the trash. After removal of all the necessary elements, it's time to add a few more that you want. You can press the menu button or press and hold a blank screen house. You can add shortcuts, widgets, and folders. Links can go to the website, Google Maps, e-mail, music, playlists, and many others. Widgets are applications like calculator, clock, calendar. There are over 30,000 widgets available on Android Market. You can create folders to organize your contacts, maintain collections of shortcuts and widgets, or even phone numbers preferred.

The sounds are another thing, you can edit.For some reason the ability to use sounds between ringtones, notifications, music, and alarms doesn’t seem to work as intuitively as you’d expect. You may have tried to bring ringtones to different folders, but they don't appear when you look for it. Do not be afraid, I got the solution, and is called Ringdroid App. This application allows you to convert any ringtone to music or buzzer alarm. That’s because some of the files are a different format. Ringdroid converts all these sounds to one format to another and sends it where you want it. Ringdroid App can be downloaded for free from Android Market.

You now have quickly adapted your LG Ally to your personal style. To customize it, you should consider some accessories. A case is a perfect way to protect your device while adding style. The LG Ally cases come in many styles and colors. Snap on cases, belt clip and leather bags. Another way to personalize it with a screen protector LG ally.


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