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Make Your Own Makeup Look Book: A Short Mini-Hub

Updated on February 8, 2013

I got the idea for creating a makeup look book from browsing ads in Cosmo. There were a lot of makeup ads and tips that I wanted to create or use. Having my look book close at hand has helped me during my makeup application. I no longer have to bring my laptop with me when I am using a photo to recreate a look. It is much easier to take a book with me. Though my book originally only contained ads and tips from magazines, it has evolved and includes my own looks that I want to recreate later as well as pins from my Pinterest board. Read on for tips on creating your own look book.

Sources for Looks

  1. Magazines - \When I find a makeup ad that has a look that I like I take the ad out and put it aside so that I can add it to my book. I also like to take some of the makeup tips that have images with them and add those as well.
  2. Make-up Bee - An amazing website where you can upload looks, enter contests, and browse the looks of others, as well as pin looks to your pinboard on Pinterest. I usually copy these to my pinboard and print the images out. I then add them to my look book to try out later.
  3. Google Images - I have found many amazing looks just by browsing google images.
  4. Pinterest - Many people have makeup look boards. I am always finding new things to pin.
  5. My own looks - There are times when I like a makeup look so much that I want to remember what I applied and how I applied it so that I may recreate the look in the future.

Other Things to Put in Your Book: A List of Ideas

  • Make artist face templates that you have sketched ideas on
  • Swatches of the makeup that you used
  • Photos of favorite products
  • Notes about looks and products

Craft Items Needed

These are the items that I use in my book.

  • scissors
  • craft scissors with designer edges
  • glue stick
  • colored pencils
  • makeup
  • glitter
  • stickers
  • markers

My Book

The actual book that contains my looks is a sketchbook that I bought for $7.98 at Half Price Books. I chose a landscaped sketchbook as opposed to a portrait sketchbook. Here is a page out of my book, a work in progress.

I enjoy more dramatic and colorful makeup looks. If you'd like to see more of my style, please follow me on Pinterest and Makeupbee.




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