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HD Foundation and HD Powder

Updated on November 30, 2011
HD Foundation
HD Foundation | Source
HD Powder
HD Powder | Source

Make Up For Ever's HD Complexion

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
I've tried many foundations out there. And of all the ones I have tried, this is one of the best I have ever used. Its a liquid foundation which is light weight, doesn't leave a heavy caked-on feeling upon the skin. It contains moisturizing agents, and feels like you just put on a light moisturizer. This foundation is a silicone base. For those who do not know, silicone doesn't clog pores. It is oil free, so NO GREASY FEELING :). The cover is from medium to full coverage, 6 times the power of invisibility. I had no problem covering my freckles. My color is 115 which is ivory. They have several shades 107- pink is their lightest color and their darkest color is between 180- Brown and 185- Ebony.

Make Up For Ever HD Powder Microfinish Powder
This Powder is AMAZING. The powder itself, is very fine, quality made powder. It goes on very smooth, kinda like butter. A little goes a long way, you can preferably wear it alone if you so choose too. But i recommend wearing it with the HD Foundation. It's translucent enough so that it matches any skin tone from fairest of them all to a dark bronzed goddess. Its formulated with mineral silica powder. Its talc free which is a plus, since talc isn't good for the skin especially if you have an allergy to it.
This powder, mattes any shine you have without overly drying out your skin. I have dry sensitive skin except my T-zone. And i was worry it would make my skin feel tight, but it didn't. It leaves this luminous glow to your appearance. It also has the power to cover up to 6 times the closeness of an HD Camera, which makes it invisible to be seen on and off camera. Apply this powder with a powder brush.


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