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Makeup Bag VS Travelling Makeup Bag!

Updated on September 24, 2015

All About Makeup Bags

Hi Sunshine's,

I am very excited (actually I always am) to write about another favorite topic of mine. It has to do with makeup bags. I am a very organized person when it comes to organizing and packing my makeup! I like to change things around to make sure they are super organized and look tidy. This is what this hub is about. Makeup bags that you keep in your house don't have to be the ones you travel with. They both can be different in purpose.

If you are like me and need ideas on how to organize your makeup including the difference in both then please continue to read this hub!

Happy Reading!

What Is In My Makeup Bag?

I bought my makeup bag during the holiday season a couple of years ago. I usually wait until Christmas is over. On December 26 (Boxing Day in Canada). That is when I usually visit Walmart to find some huge savings on makeup organizers. I got 2 makeup bags in a price of 1! The big one is for my makeup and the smaller one is for the everyday brushes.

When I start to organize my makeup bag, I start with the face and finish with my lip products! It's easy that way! Here is the list of things I carry in my makeup bag!

Moisturizer & Fragrance Cream

Olay Complete All Day & Fair&Lovely Fairness Cream
Olay Complete All Day & Fair&Lovely Fairness Cream | Source

Primer & Foundation

Maybelline Baby Pore Eraser & Maybelline FitMe! & SuperStay Foundation
Maybelline Baby Pore Eraser & Maybelline FitMe! & SuperStay Foundation

Concealer & Setting Powder

Essence Concealer & Maybelline Setting Powder
Essence Concealer & Maybelline Setting Powder

Highlighter/Blush & Setting Spray

Bh Cosmetics Blush in Shade "Pink Rose" & Soft Silver Highlighter Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
Bh Cosmetics Blush in Shade "Pink Rose" & Soft Silver Highlighter Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Eye Primer & Eye Shadow Base

Revlon Eye Primer & NYX Eye Shadow Base in White
Revlon Eye Primer & NYX Eye Shadow Base in White


Milani Brow Fix
Milani Brow Fix

Eye Shadows, Brow Gel & Mascara

Bh Cosmetics Day & Night Palette, Maybelline Volume Classic Mascara & Maybelline Brow Gel
Bh Cosmetics Day & Night Palette, Maybelline Volume Classic Mascara & Maybelline Brow Gel

Gel Liner, Eye Liner, & Angled Brush

Essence Gel Liner with Bh Cosmetics Angled Brush & Annabelle Pencil Liner
Essence Gel Liner with Bh Cosmetics Angled Brush & Annabelle Pencil Liner

Everyday Makeup in the Makeup Bag!

  1. Moisturizer: I use the Olay Complete Moisturizer before my foundation. It leaves my skin with lots and lots of moisture!
  2. Fair&Lovely Cream (Fragrance): I use this for the scent only. It smells like roses.
  3. Primer: I use the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. It hides the open pores on the face making the foundation look flawless!
  4. Foundation: It is always a battle between the Maybelline Fit Me! and the Maybelline Superstay. Both are awesome with light to medium coverage. Both are buildable and are for oily/combination skin!
  5. Concealer: I love love love the Essence cover stick. It is a go to concealer for me right now. I use it in the shade matte beige. It is perfect to cover up the eye puffiness and dark circles under my eyes.
  6. Setting Powder: I use the Maybelline Dream Matte in medium. I love this powder! It is one of my empties right now. It really sets the face makeup really nicely.
  7. Highlighter: For my highlighter I like to keep the Bh Cosmetics-Sculpt and Glow-Forever Nude palette. The highlighter is a beautiful shade of silver/pink mix together with a nice shimmer.
  8. Blush: In the same Bh Cosmetics palette is the light pink blush. I use that as my everyday for now!
  9. Setting Spray: I love the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray. It really keeps the makeup together until you remove it. Awesome product!
  10. Eye Primer: Right now I am only using the Revlon Photo ready Eye Primer+Brightener. This is the perfect eye primer for my oily eye lids.
  11. Eye Shadow Base: I use this in NYX Eye Shadow Base. The shade I have is in white. I absolutely love this one. It gives me the perfect base to intensify my eye-shadows.
  12. Eyebrows Palette: My Milani Brow Fix is perfect for my everyday eyebrows routine. I use it in light to enhance my brows. It is a powder form to add the jiffy into the routine.
  13. Eye brows Gel: I just switched my brow gel from Essence to the Maybelline Brow Gel. It is a awesome product that keeps the brows in place.
  14. Eye Shadows: I mostly have drugstore products as my favorite right now. I keep the Bh Cosmetics Day & Night Palette. The name says it all! (Laughs!) I love it because it is organized perfectly with the shades for day and night. I don't have to put much time on figuring out what shades to put on during the day.
  15. Mascara: I don't usually wear a lot of mascara. However, I do keep the Maybelline the classic volume express in my makeup bag! I use it in very black. Awesome product. It really gives the lashes a nice volume.
  16. Eye Liner (pencil): I love my Annabelle Kajol Eye Liner in Blackest Black. It is one of my first eye-liner that I purchased. It really shows the color well on the bottom lash line.
  17. Gel Eye Liner: My current favorite is the Essence Gel Eyeliner. It is the blackest shade with a lot of pigmentation. I use it with the Bh Cosmetics angled brush. Works seamlessly.
  18. Eye Lash Curler: I am not able to describe my eye lash curler. I had it since high school (laughs).
  19. Small Magnified Mirror: I got this as a gift. It's small enough to go in the makeup!
  20. Eye liner Sharpener: I can not live without my eye liner sharpener. I already lost two before I bought a new one. I purchased mine from Shoppers Drug Mart.
  21. Lip Liner: I recently purchased the Bh Cosmetics lip liner that works wonders. I love it! It glides on smooth and the colors I have work as an everyday color for me!
  22. Lipstick: I switch between my makeup bag lipsticks. I keep at least 3 of my favorites. One can be neutral and the other two in the shades of peach and pink.
  23. Lip Gloss: I love love love the Essence Lip Gloss!. It is not sticky and easy to apply. It has great pigmentation and is very shiny.

Voila! This was a synopsis of my makeup products for my everyday makeup bag. Sometimes, I change the products around so some products may not be listed here.

Before I get into the details refer to some other blogs that talk about their makeup bags!

Lip Liner & Lipstick

Bh Cosmetics Liner in Raspberry. Rimmel Pink Nude Lip Stainer, Maybelline ColorStay in Cranberry & Cover Girl in Pink
Bh Cosmetics Liner in Raspberry. Rimmel Pink Nude Lip Stainer, Maybelline ColorStay in Cranberry & Cover Girl in Pink

Travelling Makeup Bag!

My travelling makeup bag consists of less amount of things mainly because I don't like taking a heavy makeup bag. I don't travel very often, mainly from city to city. I only bring things that are absolutely necessary and give me more of a natural look. Plus, when I travel I want to enjoy my time instead of taking my time to do a lot of makeup. These are my travelling essentials. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Moisturizer, Foundation, Concealer, Setting Spray & Highlighter

Face products that make a difference!

  • Pond's Dry Skin Cream: One element that skin reacts to is the weather environment. Personally, my skin gets super dry sometimes, so I like to keep my Pond's moisturizing cream with me when travelling. It is one of the best dry moisturizing creams you can find. I've emptied 3 of these already! (laughs)
  • MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation: You can't go wrong with MAC products. I use this in shade C4. It can give light to heavy coverage by building the layers of foundation. This blends easily and the face looks flawless as it covers the imperfections very perfectly.
  • Maybelline Studio Master Concealer: This concealer is amazing! It has medium coverage and covers my dark circles really well.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Powder: I always keep this in my travelling makeup bag! It sets the makeup really nicely and looks flawless.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick: I use this in darker use it as a contour. I love it.It is really creamy and so blends great. Awesome product. I need to contour because I know I will be taking pictures on my trips. Can't forget this!
  • Julep Highlighter: This came in my Julep Maven box subscription. I love highlighters. They make the face glow! This one in particular is in shade "Champagne." Can't stay away from highlighters!

Lip Treatment, Eye Liners, Nail Polishes, Mascara & Highlightere

Urban Decay, Julep, Benefit & Vaseline/Nivea

5 stars for Trustworthy Must Have Products!

Other Products!

The eye-liners that I take with me when I travel are different then the regular makeup bag! I usually use the Urban Decay eye-liners and Benefit-Real Mascara. I also did add the Julep Nail Polishes. The two colors I like taking are usually nude and purple/pink. These colors go with almost all dress colors. I added my Vaseline lip treatment as well. My highlighter that I carry with me is the Benefit Wat's Up. I change my lipstick colors between MAC and Kat Von D. The lipsticks and lip gloss that I carry really just depend on where I am going and what I will be wearing.

The tools are the same.

You may have noticed that most products are different.

Also, I carry my cleansing wipes and blotting paper.

In conclusion, my makeup bag differs from my travelling makeup bag. Does yours? Or do you keep everything in one? Makeup bags are everyday essentials while the travelling bags are necessary essentials.

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Thanks for Reading!

That's it guys! This ends this article! I hope you enjoyed reading this hub! It was a little different from what I usually write.

Thank you to everyone for reading these hubs! I appreciate it. I will talk to you all in my next one!

Be safe!


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