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Makeup Hacks - Making Makeup Easier

Updated on January 2, 2015

Yes, girls, it's finally here! We've all been waiting for it - the inside tips that can transform us into the glamour goddess we always dreamed of (without too much effort)! The tips, cheats and hacks the professionals use before sending their gorgeous celebrities out onto the red carpet. Enjoy!


  • To make your eyes appear bigger, run a white eye pencil along your water line rather than black eyeliner.
  • Blast your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer for five seconds before curling and it will leave a more lasting effect.
  • Holding a plastic spoon under your bottom eyelashes will stop any mascara onto your skin.
  • To keep your eyeliner in place all day (or night), make a barrier with some powder. This should stop it in its tracks!
  • To hide bags, highlight the crease under your eye and apply a slightly darker shade of foundation to the puffy area.
  • Eye lift: With a highlighter, draw an arch above your eyebrow, then blend in with your finger.
  • False False Eyelash Look: Curl your eyelashes, brush a thin layer of baby powder across your top and bottom 'lashes, apply two coats of mascara (leaving the first to dry before applying the second). As you apply the mascara move the wand across as well as bottom-to-top to ensure every single part of covered.


  • To exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick, use a toothbrush for toddlers.
  • Hold a sheet of tissue paper over your lips and apply powder over it to help your lipstick last longer.
  • If you're halfway through applying lipstick and went slightly wrong, use concealer on a small brush to erase your mistake.
  • Use some frosted makeup (eyeshadow or blush, it doesn't matter) for a WOW effect on your lips. Simply apply to the middle of both lips with your finger.
  • If you want your teeth to look whiter before going out, apply red lip stain to the gum line.
  • For fuller lips, apply lip liner ever-so-slightly over your natural lip line.


  • When you're buying foundation, match it with the colour of your neck, not your cheek.
  • Killer Cheekbones: Sweep some shimmer powder across the tops of your cheekbones and directly beneath your temples. Then suck in your cheeks and apply a slightly darker blush in the hollows just underneath your cheekbones. Ta dah!
  • For a more natural look on your foundation, apply it with downwards strokes rather than across or upwards. This way it isn't going against your hair.
  • If your foundation is too fakey cakey, wipe a tissue over your cheeks afterwards. It will look more natural.
  • If you feel your forehead could do with looking a little smaller, sweep some matte bronzer from temple to temple with a brush and blend.
  • Also, if you are paranoid about the size of your nose, after applying your regular foundation, run your highlighter in a straight line down your bridge and back up again.


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