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Makeup How-To: Sunset-Inspired Eyes

Updated on September 10, 2011

Step-by-step video demonstrating makeup application

Sunset-inspired eyes - so bright and easy!


Basic instructions - Follow along with the video above!

These are the products I used. You can substitute with similar items:

  • Medium eye shadow brush
  • Mary Kay eye primer
  • Urban Decay Sphynx eye shadow (pink)
  • Urban Decay Sellout eye shadow (skin tone)
  • Hard Candy Fox in a Box Skinny Dippin blush (orange)
  • Almay black eye liner
  • Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Violet Mascara (purple mascara)
  • Victoria's Secret lip plumper (light pink lip gloss)

1. Spread a small dab of eye primer over entire eyelid, all the way up to the brow

2. Use brush to apply pink shadow over inner half of eyelid, below the crease only

3. Use brush to apply orange shadow over outer half of eyelid, below the crease only. Blend with pink.

4. Apply skin-tone shadow over entire browbone, everything above the crease, up to the brow.

5. Line lower water line with black eye liner.

6. Apply purple mascara.

7. Finish with pink lip gloss.


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