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Makeup Tips for Fair and Dark Complexion

Updated on December 16, 2013

Nowadays, make-up plays a very important role in enhancing the personality of a person. Today, everybody is getting more and more aware about beauty and make-up. From a toddler to a 60 year old lady, everyone wants to look the best. Makeup should be done properly otherwise it might spoil your entire look and appearance. One has to be very careful while choosing and applying make-up. Selecting the best suitable make-up for your skin type is sometimes quite difficult. Makeup for fair skin is different than makeup for dark or dusky skin type. A dark skin is more resilient than fair skin tone. Due to more pigment, it can withstand exposure to the sun much better. Women who are dark can also look exquisitely beautiful if they have good skin texture.

Applying Foundation on Fair Skin

Make up tips for fair complexion

Here are some make up tips for fair complexion:

  • Foundation – Foundation refers to the base of your makeup. Choose a foundation not lighter than your skin tone. For oily skin, use water-based foundation and for dry skin, use cream-based foundation. Apply the foundation carefully to see that it has blended on your skin without leaving patches. Then apply powder; always dust off the excess powder.
  • Eye Shadow – First get a perfect shape for your eyebrow as this would make an interesting impression. Light color of eye shadows work well for fair skin complexion during day time. You can go for metallic colors. If you want to get the wilder look, experiment with all the bolder colors during your night outs. You can then apply an eye liner followed by mascara.
  • Blusher – Go for a shimmering blusher. For example, you can go for shimmering pink and beige.
  • Lipstick and Lip gloss – You can go for soft and cool colors such as pink and mauve. You can also go for light and delicate shades of brown. Avoid using bright shades of red and orange. Use a shiny lip gloss.

Make up tips for dark complexion

Dark skin complexion, on an average, needs to be taken more care as compared to a fair skin complexion. It is quite difficult to make dark skin presentable with the help of make-up. Here are some make-up tips for dark and dusky complexion:

  • Foundation – Choose a foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone. A non-oily powdered foundation works well for the dark skin tone. For dark complexion, water-based foundation is preferred over cream-based foundation.
  • Eye Shadow – Getting a perfect shape for your eyebrow is very important. Dark and dull metallic colors look better on a dark skin tone. You can go for dark and dull metallic shades of brown. A touch of gold would be complimentary. You can then apply an eye liner and mascara.
  • Blusher – Dusky pink can be added to the blush to give this type of skin another kind of glow, but the blush should not be too pinkish. Avoid brown and peachy shades.
  • Lipstick and Lip gloss – The colors that will suit your skin tone include pink with a tinge of gold, plums and different shades of brown. Use matte finish lipsticks. If you have dark lips, then put some foundation and powder on your lips before applying lipstick. Use a less shiny lip gloss.

So, before applying makeup, you must find the right makeup according to your skin tone.


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