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Makeup for Girls 5 Best Videos to Learn About Makeup or a Makover

Updated on August 17, 2012

My daughter Erica and Makeup for girls

My daughter Erica among the blue bells in Missouri.
My daughter Erica among the blue bells in Missouri.
low cost eye shadows with quality intense shades.
low cost eye shadows with quality intense shades. | Source
We shopped at Big Lots (our old store is closing to open a new one) so they had 20% off.
We shopped at Big Lots (our old store is closing to open a new one) so they had 20% off.
Some of the Elf brand cosmetics found at Big Lots. Really nice shades average price $5
Some of the Elf brand cosmetics found at Big Lots. Really nice shades average price $5
LA Colors. $1 each. Eye shadows, blushes, lip glosses, lipsticks, lip pencils and eyeliners. They have a nice selection and perfect for a budget.
LA Colors. $1 each. Eye shadows, blushes, lip glosses, lipsticks, lip pencils and eyeliners. They have a nice selection and perfect for a budget. | Source
These are the eye shadows and lip glosses she picked today with eye applicators of course.
These are the eye shadows and lip glosses she picked today with eye applicators of course.
This is the place to get nails done at a price between $5-12 for most schools compared to $30-45
This is the place to get nails done at a price between $5-12 for most schools compared to $30-45 | Source
Very pretty manicure from the beauty school $5
Very pretty manicure from the beauty school $5

Girls Makeup What Age and How Much to Wear

Makeup for girls, that question of "when" will pop up when you have a daughter(s). I personally was self conscious and makeup made me feel better about myself. I started wearing it at the age of 12. My daughter, Erica started wearing a little bit at the age of 14 and is becoming more interested in it now that she is going to high school this year at age 15.

When you decide to allow the makeup, consider their personality and how social they are. Just keep in mind, they will look older and older boys and men will look at them more. It is best to push it out as long as you can. We have all seen the little girls in the pageants that are very young and wear more makeup then woman do. My feeling, after the "Ramsey case", I don't think they should be allowed to put on so much makeup under the age of 11. Let them be the adorable natural little girls they are. You can do a lot with their hair instead.

Perfume: I think it is acceptable if they want to start wearing some by the time they are 12, if they are interested in it. Some may not like the smell and want nothing to do with it till high school, so no need to bring it up till they ask you about wearing it.

Nails: Many girls have had their nails painted from baby through through adulthood. I am having Erica's nails done the day before school by the beauty school in Blue Springs, Missouri. The costs are usually $5-12 compared to prices at a salon. For a child, I think this is perfect. The reason I am doing this is because she chewed her nails. When I told her I would have her nails done professionally, if they would be long enough; she stopped chewing them. So this is a reward. Anyone that is under the age of 18, nails can be done at home. If they like to have it done or work at a job that expects it, then they can have them painted professionally when they can pay for it. Otherwise, I would stick to some special occasions only.

How much makeup? The easier answer may ly in your own child's feelings. My daughter was not interested in foundation or blush in the beginning, Just some lip gloss and eye shadow. By the second year, she was asking for foundation and mascara.

Her main question: "Mom, how do I put this on?" (mascara in hand)

My answer: "Let me show you how I do it. There are videos on YouTube you can look at and on the meetmark site has some too."

What I find is she gets right back on Facebook instead of looking for those videos. So I thought I would put together a resource of places to learn how to apply makeup as a teenage girl. It is great when you can show them some techniques too. Take them up to the department store for a makeover (natural look, not professional or night out look).

I recommend going to your beauty school for a makeup application too. They are usually around $10 and she can learn how the make is applied, in person. The beauty schools offer spa treatments, so it may become a mother daughter day real fast!

The little flower girls in weddings

For the Flower Girls: Since I am in the wedding industry, I like to cover that area for girls too. They are so adorable and beautifully gracing the wedding runway on a very special day. Do you want them to wear makeup? Maybe a little dab of blush to make those rosy cheeks, a little lip gloss for shine or some eye shadow for the older flower girls.

It is up to you if they go without, add a little or more for an older flower girl since they are a mini version of the bride.

If they don't like it and rub it off, don't bother at all. You don't want them smeared up and wiping it on that pretty dress. Just test out a little ahead of the wedding day to see how they do with it and see what you think looks best for the little girl(s).

Give them lots of compliments and they will be more likely to leave it on!

Ask questions and request suggestions from professional cosmetologists or makeup artists that specialize in weddings. They can recommend the most age appropriate application of makeup on flower girls.

The beauty school is perfect., such as at ours, $5 manicure, Makeup application is $10. Just schedule it ahead, they get busy real fast. I was very happy with the service and the prices.

Flower Girl Makeup Tutorial

Bright Eyes Technique

Low Cost or Natural Cosmetics?

Your best friend sources for reasonable and low cost cosmetics. If you choose more natural products, they do cost more. We use Youngevity brand, I think it is the most quality minerals makeup on the market. I have used Avon and I think that is a good value for the price.

The dollar stores, Dollar General, Mark and Avon. We took a trip to the Dollar Depot (in our town) and Big Lots. She spent $5 for 1 bag of eye applicators, 2 lip glosses and 2 eye shadows. What is the best way to save at Dollar General? Go during the week, buy a few things and get the $5.00 off coupon good for Saturday only. Take you daughter up on Saturday with the coupon in hand.

The reason I listed Mark is because I have been selling it and aware of it for a long time. It is designed with younger generation in mind. The cosmetics and fashions are trendy based on New York designs. But they are very reasonable and offer free shipping and free gifts with purchases so it is fun to shop online. There is a "magalog" that you can view electronically, page by page.

How do you decide? Money may be the deciding factor or health and safety may be more important. I feel the budget cosmetics are acceptable, you can research the ingredients to ensure you are comfortable with them before finalizing on those brands.

Check out the "Dollar Store Haul" video, she shares her finds and even shows the colors on her skin. Very vibrant personality. Listen to how much she spent.

Makeup Tips from a Teenager Shopping Dollar General

Girl or Teenage Girl Magazines

Companies that specialize in trends for girls, how to's and visual imagery is perfect for them to venture through the pages and learn some tips in language they can relate to. These are a few of the girl magazines out there. They each have their own website where you can get some information online, play games and gain tips. Just google the names to locate the websites (hubpages limits 2 links to a hub, so I can link the magazines).

  • American Girl
  • Elle Girl
  • Seventeen
  • Teen Vogue

The one my daughter likes a lot is: Girls Life. They have a special going on right now. They pack it with useful articles and makeup tips, clothing and all the things they want to know.

How old for a girl to wear makeup

At what age do you plan to let your daughter(s) wear makeup?

See results

Makeup Application - Violet

Applying Cosmetics to a teenage girl's face, by a makeup artists


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    • bridalletter profile imageAUTHOR

      Brenda Kyle 

      6 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      You are welcome anglnwu. I hope it helps some girls.

    • anglnwu profile image


      6 years ago

      Great tips with great videos. Thanks for sharing.


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