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How to Make your Own Design Coveralls

Updated on August 31, 2011

Coveralls are a handy commodity to have in your closet. If you can make your own design coveralls, you will be dressed for the jobs that you want. Coveralls serve a few different purposes. One of these purposes is to cover the clothes that you want to keep nice and unharmed. Coveralls are made of a fabric that is meant to protect the wearer from the elements. That is why they are so popular amongst gardeners, mechanics, laborers, and the like.

Decide on Your Embellishments

When you make your own design coveralls you can add details that may pertain to your line of work and give an advertisement on them, if you so choose. Virtually any type of coverall can be used to make your own design coveralls. It all depends on what you require for that particular job or weather. When you are designing your own coveralls you can add embellishments or embroidery, the choice is up to you. Trends change and so can each set of coveralls that you design for yourself or your children or employees.

Why Choose Your Own Designed Coveralls?

There are a few reasons why making your own coveralls is a good idea. They can be dressed up to suit a look that you are aiming for. They can also be embroidered to match each other so that you can recognize others that you are working with. They can be altered so that they fit any body type to a tee and even be more flattering to the person wearing them. They can conform to what you want to see and what you want others to see while you are working. You can choose coveralls that have more pockets or easier access to get in and out of. The pockets can be designed to stand out or any reflective material. And finally, you can make your own design for your children’s coveralls. This way they can be tailored to have a boy or girl look and made age appropriate. Your children will love to help you make them and choose the designs and pictures that they like. It can become a craft that the whole family will enjoy.


The prices for these coveralls can be in virtually any range because you can pick any type to put your own personal design on. But generally coverall prices start at $10.00 USD depending on the size, brand, material and type that you decide on. They can get quite pricing if you are looking to buy larger sizes that are required for protective wear.

Coveralls can serve multiple purposes, so it makes sense to make your own design coveralls to suit you, your children or your uniforms. You can add names that are embellished or plain, your company logo or maybe your daughter or sons favourite TV character. Whatever the case is, this can be done for coveralls that are meant to be worn in the cold or hot months, so they can serve multiple purposes.


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    • winegoddess55 profile image

      winegoddess55 7 years ago from Mount Forest

      I like this article, it reminds me of the aprons my mom and gramma used to wear when I was little. They were usually homemade, and had a loop you put over your head, and the rest of the apron would cover all your front clothing, and tie at the back. These are still worn today, a sort of "designer" coverall for the kitchen!