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Making Women Sexy..One Step At A Time

Updated on April 28, 2014
Who can say no to these ?
Who can say no to these ?
Elevator footwear ?
Elevator footwear ?
Thigh high boots make a girl look so hot.
Thigh high boots make a girl look so hot.

Some cautions !

High heels ..anyone?

There of billions of women who love high heels from different walks of life, for various reasons.Some would do anything to improve their appearance. Wearing highest, extreme heels is probably a part of that 'anything'.High heels lift the apperance of the wearer and provides the added oomph they need.

High heel extreme fetish wear is about all kinds of extreme to absurdly high heels that are inappropriate and difficult to walk in.These kind of footwear is usually worn for occassions behind closed doors or private or semi private settings

Apart from these women love high heels because you just cant miss a woman wearing sexy high heels like the stilettos.

Stilettos is the most sexy and feminine style of high heels, the origin of stilettos is officially unknown. we can trace back high heels to as early as 19th century.

In 1904 the ladies pumps or court shoes, a British invension, reached America and shoe stores stocked shoes with a range of heels.

Approx 1955 tall silettos were invented in Italy and it became a fashion rage !

In 1960 Hugh Hefner chose a basic pump to be a part of standard attire for famous playboy bunnies

Andre Perugia was born in Nice ,France in 1893 and had a women's shoe shop in Paris, the top fashion capitol of the world at that time.He designed the fetish spikes for a famous Paris singer called Mistinguett,however John Willie was still the first person to publish a picture of a stiletto high heel.

Going by the American obsession with small, dainty feet.American shoes are made and worn way much tighter than the British ones.The long pointed shoes are thought to be sexier than short points because they are good for probing and teasing under the table, aggressive, confidence building etc.

These heeled shoes had an edge over the flat ones and thus women sporting them at UK stock market in the 80's were called Spike heeled power bitches !!! some compliment !

Another variety of high heels are Pole shoes which the pole dancers wear during pole dancing. But that is not the only usage of these shoes.Pole shoes are anywhere between 4 to 8inches and look beautiful and sexy.A lot of women wear it for number of reasons,like women on the shorter side, who want the long legs look or who want to loom large :) and be confident of their presense in a crowd.

The stilettos are also worn by women working in offices, some women feel rather comfortable in them compared to flats, high heels come in all shapes and sizes, which can be worn by women, older women and teenage girls to work or college and with formal dresses too.

Rich or poor women all around the globe, different occupation and social status wear or atleast have one pair of high heels tucked away in their shoe racks!

Be it stilettos, pumps or extreme heels, ladies u gotta practice and learn to walk in them to save yourself a nasty fall and injury.Easy does it..Sexy one step at a time :)

Heel Less ?

Well then there are these new heel less footwear for women ! Look dangerous to me. I get the same kind of jittery feeling in my legs as I would feel while looking down from a tall building when I think of giving them a try. Maybe I am wrong, going by the number of sales these foot wears are making I think it cant be that bad after all or may be it is ! I cant imagine how walking is even possible in that and even if one manages to walk what would be the gait like ? A quacky duck ? and God forbid what would be the fall like ? landing on the rumps or worse case scenario on the back of the head ! I want to know if any of you have tried them on and if so then what was it like ? Do you kinda get used to walking in them or there are some tips which you would like to share ? I remember long back I saw a couple of pics of Posh Beckham sporting a pair. But with a man like David Beckham to support you, you would'nt care really :)

Looks cute though !
Looks cute though !

Some good advice and tips ...

Pole dancer shoes or heel less ?

Given a choice what would you trot in ?

See results


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    • profile image

      Lynda 3 years ago

      The genius store caleld, they're running out of you.

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you Ajay Shah :) They sure do :)

    • ajayshah2005 profile image

      ajayshah2005 6 years ago from Mid Asia

      Nice hub! High heels make women look sexy.

    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice article which is well shared.

    • profile image

      WouldntLayAHandOnYou 8 years ago

      I love my woman's feet they are infinitely sexier on their own, I could care less about heels.

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      So sweet of you june688 :)

    • june688 profile image

      june688 8 years ago

      Becareful on high heels.

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thanks for visiting my hub Vijay!I hope you enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      Vijay Agarwal 8 years ago

      Great info on high heels!