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Making and selling high quality beaded jewelry

Updated on July 13, 2011

Beaded jewelry has been in style since long. The many vibrant colors, designs and patterns you can make with the beaded jewelry makes it a hot pick for many people. When considering buying some of them, look at what kind of beads you like, whether you want single string or multiple string chains, what colors you want and more. A popular choice among many people is chunky bead jewelry but for some simple, thin beads are more appealing. With a wide price bracket to pick from people find it quite enjoyable to acquire a vast collection of accessories that are made of beads. You can make bracelets, rings, chains, anklets and lots more.

Make your own

If you are someone who has always enjoying making your own beaded jewelry, then all you need to do is look at a lot of patterns that are available and decide which beads you want to buy. You can find pearl, wooden beads, artificial beads (plastic) and lots of other varieties in the market. You can even mix and match shapes and colors when making your own jewelry. Make sure that you buy them according to a price you have in mind and don’t end up using materials which tend to be uncomfortable when worn. With a good piece, you can highlight the outfit you wear and look absolutely stunning.

Find out what is popular

When you are interested in wholesale production of beaded jewelry and wish to sell them in stores, spend some time finding out what styles are hot sellers, the prices they are sold at and the materials used in making them. This will allow you to make the right choices in picking out the beads for making your own jewelry and also will let you quote a price that is a good bargain. You may need to invest some money in the project at first before you get returns. Once you have a good customer base, you can make more varieties and earn profits on your projects.

Beaded jewelry can be easily made to suit different age groups. If you are targeting children, using vibrant colors and shapes is a good idea. You can even add some interesting charms to your beaded bracelets to make them more interesting. With some effort and time you will find that you have a very high demand for the pieces you make. Don’t compromise on your quality and you will soon have a flourishing business in beaded jewelry.


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