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Increase Productivity With Wardrobe Organization

Updated on July 30, 2015

Sometimes when climbing for the American dream we connect ourselves to parcels of conveniences to help free up time. Time we distribute to either more pleasurable activities, or in some cases towards activities that will further our career life goals. Luckily, we live in an age abundant with helpful tools: Dishwashers, stoves, microwaves etc…All of these things help to maximize our free time by making the essential chores faster. So why not take that idea of organized speed and apply it to your wardrobe?

There are millions of people with the same problem. Between life, kids, jobs it just becomes too much and instead of our closets looking like this.


They end up looking like this. Instead of having that pristine closet life has turned your storage area into a maelstrom of cloth and shoe rubber. Quite possibly your closet could soon be a new home for the neighborhood Boogeyman. Here are a few simple things that you can do to help minimize your clutter. Even I could do it, and to prove it to you some of the following pictures are of from my Husband's closet.


How to Start

My husband is a very busy man and a left-brain thinker. He himself will be the first to admit that color and style are not his strong suit. His job frequently calls for his immediate attention at a moments notice and the business trip can last for up to a week away from home. Having his closet organized ahead of time helps cut down on preparation time that slows his production with clients. Now I’m sure after looking at the photos and reading the start to this article you’re probably thinking this lady is crazy and possibly a little OCD. I swear to you that taking 30 minutes to an hour to organize your closet will be a huge help to you. Like anything else, once you do it once you’ll have a strong sense of how it works and it’ll only take you a few minutes the next time for loads of additional time and productivity.

To start: Organize your closet by EVENT then by COLOR.

1) Suit Jackets (I hope you can forgive me this is reversed in the photo)

2) Pants to match

3) Dress shirts to go with suits

4) Dress Casual Shirts (polo etc…)

5) Casual Shirts

6) Shorts

7) Jackets


Shelving and Storage

On Shelf:

1) White undershirts

2) Gym Shirts

3) Jeans

4) Comfy shorts/pajama bottoms/Bathing Suits

Off to the side of the camera are two Baskets just like in the Rubbermaid example photo. One basket is for underwear and one basket for socks. With each item having it's own container it makes it very easy for my Husband to just grab and go for those "I'm running late" mornings. Right now Lowe's offers a tie rack that can be hung from your wire shelving and can be pulled forward for easier access and visibility. Skies the limit with this product! Organization is not restricted to just ties, you can use it for necklaces, hair bands, or if you are a scarf fanatic like me it makes for a great scarf rack. You can see this product here:

For those of you who are a bit more crafty or have crafty friends don't be restricted to home improvement stores boxed organizers either. Pinterest is a wonderful site for great ideas on how to organize a cluttered space, sometimes for a small amount of money. Do you have lots of empty shoe boxes laying around the house? Some fun paper from your local craft store and a little glue can take your boring closet to a whole new level. Here is a great article by a mom who reused old diaper boxes to make burlap inspired storage.

Why Bother Organizing by Colors?

Why should I take even more time to separate everything by color? The reason is simple, it's quicker. You know you want a green shirt, there they are all altogether for you. Do I own a purple shirt to match my wife's dress? Yes or no. Yes I have a casual purple shirt, but not a dress one. And you'll immediately know if something is missing (possible in the wash or at the dry cleaners).


Predetermined Outfits!

Another great idea that only takes a few hours is to figure out full outfits ahead of time that way if you get that last minute phone call, or your spouse says to you,” Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you, we’re going out to dinner with So-and-So in about an hour you better get ready." There is no need to panic because you already have outfits that you know look good and are ready to go. I have a go to full outfit (outfit, shoes and accessories) for both daytime and dinner out occasions. Again, once you go through the initial process you don’t have to do it again. You already know what works and can just set up the outfit right away next time you put away the laundry.


Lets go back over the essentials for producing a more organized and more efficient wardrobe to improve productivity of everyday life.

  • Separate closet into event function (Dress, Dress Casual, Casual etc...)
  • Reorganize "Event" categories into subcategories based on color/color schemes
  • Add additional storage (bins, shelves, jars...) Don't be afraid to get creative!
  • Create predetermined outfits for fast ready-to-go ensembles.
  • Most importantly have fun!


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